Maria Shriver Officially Tells Arnold Schwarzenegger To Go Suck It


How was that Fourth of July long weekend? Did everyone act like a real American for one day? Let's say it was a contest to see who could be the most American of all, and in that case Maria Shriver automatically wins, for officially filing her divorce papers from her cheating politician husband, the stoner robot-with-a-heart Arnold Schwarzenegger guy who was in charge of watching California's debt problems get worse for a few years. So, to sum up this whole tragic thing: Arnold, whose main legacy is the fact that millions of hillbillies can pronounce at least one hard-to-sound-out furriner surname without too much trouble, screwed around on his Kennedy wife who gave up her career in journalism (haha, she had one to give up) so he could run for governor, and this is how it ends:

The former television journalist and Kennedy family heiress cited irreconcilable differences but offered no additional details about the breakup.

Shriver did not list a date when the couple separated, although they announced they had done so on May 9.

A week later, the former California governor admitted he fathered a child with a member of his household staff years ago.

The filing, which Shriver signed nearly two weeks ago, signals an end to a union that brought together a rising film action star and a princess of the Kennedy clan, herself an up-and-coming network newscaster.



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