Marianne Williamson Not Leaving Dem Race Until She's Tricked Into Saying Name Backwards

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Marianne Williamson Not Leaving Dem Race Until She's Tricked Into Saying Name Backwards

No serious person missed crystal-waving kook Marianne Williamson at Tuesday's Democratic primary debate. We're trying to pick a presidential nominee here and don't have time for Williamson's woo-woo. But Oprah Winfrey's spiritual adviser is real mad that no one seems to think Oprah's spiritual adviser should have command of our nuclear arsenal.

Williamson feels Tuesday's debate wasn't the Vegas spectacle she believes voters deserve. She goes into detail about how lousy the other candidates were in an op-ed the Washington Post published without bothering to translate from its original gibberish.

"Last night's debate was a lot of things, but it was not exciting. It contained no magic."

Doug Henning on

I also watched the debate and was wowed when Elizabeth Warren made Joe Biden's frontrunner status disappear like the Statue of Liberty. But Williamson doesn't want simple illusions or blunt realism. She wants magic! She wanted to see demonic fairies summoned and vanquished, and, no, Tulsi Gabbard doesn't count. All Democrats offered Tuesday night was "Game of Thrones" without dragons.

If anything, [the debate] reduced some very nice people to behavior their mothers probably raised them not to engage in. Which woman who claims feminist ideals can be the nastiest to another woman?

Which woman who promotes "holistic feminism" assumes that only mothers are responsible for teaching their children to respect others? Amy Klobuchar was annoying, but she wasn't "nasty." That's what Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton because she didn't confuse a political debate with a coffee klatch.

Which young person can show the greatest arrogance toward those with decades of experience under their belts?

She's talking about Pete Buttigieg. I can't prove it, but I still agree with her.

Which intelligent person can best reduce a complicated topic to pabulum for the masses?

That's a trick question. Williamson wasn't at the debate.

Marianne Williamson: I Will 'Harness Love' To Defeat President Donald Trump | NBC

Williamson declares that "everyone had a bad night" at the debate. She claims the DNC and its media pals "are creating the stench of inauthenticity at exactly the moment when some blazing truths should be shining through." Don't bother reading that sentence again. It still won't make sense.

The Russians are messing with our elections? Absolutely. But so are we. The old days of political backroom deals, where a few insiders determined who the candidate would be, are back. They didn't really go away at all; they're simply repackaged now, standing right in front of us, rebranding themselves as an "open process." Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: faux democracy.

This is tin-foil hat rubbish. She sounds like a common Tulsi Gabbard, and I expect more from Oprah's spiritual witch doctor. Williamson didn't make the debate stage because her polls numbers are abysmal. But even if enough voters had the right combination of pampered stupidity and absurd wealth to buy her bullshit, Marianne Williamson is in no way qualified to serve as the nation's commander in chief.

Marianne Williamson on What's Wrong with the World | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey

But Williamson isn't about to drop out of the presidential race. She's got a good grift going. Tuesday's debate only redoubled her determination to make a nuisance of herself. Hell, no, she won't go! That's why this op-ed reads like it was originally written in lipstick on a bathroom mirror or assembled like a ransom note out of letters from a newspaper that made better editorial choices.

I think the process of democracy demands, and the American people deserve, something far more real. We will not defeat outrageous lies with tepid, corporatized, compromised truths. We will not defeat a political cult leader with the same old tried but clearly no longer true. Offering people the stale alternative of political leftovers, prepackaged as bromides with all the vitality and richness of spoiled food, is an inadequate response to the challenge that confronts us.

I bet as a child she also dreamed of being a baseball and some day "twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom." It's no surprise that nowhere buried in all that goopy crap is any rational argument for a Marianne Williamson presidency. She has no plans. She laughs at plans. The only "solution" she has for fixing the health care system in America is to call it a "sickness care system." That'll show 'em.

Williamson's right that America has serious problems, but to borrow from President Andrew Shepherd, Williamson isn't the least bit interested in solving them. She just wants to promote her personal brand and she's fine with demeaning the electoral system in the process. The lady's a fraud and flake. She's a joke that's no longer funny.

[Washington Post]

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