Marines To Investigate Cruel Puppy Death

A few days ago, a shocking viral video showed a puppy being thrown off a cliff in Iraq by some Marine. We still think it was a stuffed animal. Either way, the humans continue to fight in Iraq, but the Marines will launch a full-scale investigation into this matter of the puppy.

From the best of the best:

The video came to the Marine Corps' attention early Monday morning and has prompted an investigation. The Marine Corps does not tolerate this type of behavior and will take appropriate action.

The vast majority of Marines conduct themselves in an honorable manner that brings great credit upon the Marine Corps and the United States. There have been numerous stories of Marines adopting pets and bringing them home from Iraq or helping to arrange life-saving medical care for Iraqi children.

It is quite amazing, the number of e-mails we received telling us to "take down this video" that we never posted, of the puppy being thrown off a cliff. But unlike the regular Iraq War, this is a legitimate news story now -- the puppy being thrown off a cliff -- and the Marines are being harassed and offered death threats across the Internet. Because this one may have thrown a puppy off a cliff. How can the Marines throw a puppy off a cliff, instead of the numerous hobo Iraqi children? Where is that video?

Animal cruelty video prompts Marine Corps investigation [USMC via LA Times]


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