Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Kitty Cat Bible Jesus Sh*t Too, Why Won't Media Talk About THAT?

Poor QAnon jackass GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, nobody's even giving her a chance to be the best congresswoman ever. They just keep digging up videos of her harassing kids who survived school shootings, and exposing her bad Facebook posts from where she was a young child of 44 in 2018 and 2019, as she casually called for the execution of Democratic elected officials like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. How is that even fair? Who among us hasn't done silly things in our younger years of one and two years ago?

Anyway, the good and normal congresswoman from Georgia did a town hall last night with her constituents, and she had some complaints about how the media treats her:

"The media controls the microphone," Greene said during the event. "They're going to dig up anything they can to make me sound like a monster and a horrible person and they're gonna report about that nonstop. But they're never gonna post about the thousand and thousands of really nice Facebook or Twitter posts that I've made."

"Bible verses, praising someone, doing something good or anything nice," she continued. "They'll never tell you about any of those, they're just gonna always make sure that someone like me looks like a monster. And that's wrong."

The media doesn't even cover her nice Bible verses! Unfair!

Indeed, why does the media insist on talking about Greene posting that the Parkland school shooting and other school shootings and the Las Vegas mass shooting were false flags?

Why can't they talk about the time she said all her friends should just have a really happy birthday, on Facebook?

Why does the media insist on talking about that time Greene posted on Facebook about a conspiracy theory that Media Matters explains says Hillary Clinton was "videotaped murdering a child during a satanic ritual and then ordered a hit on a police officer to cover it up"?

Why can't they talk about how one time she posted a really nice meme about how she bets nobody is brave enough to say they love the troops on Facebook, but she just did, hashtag brave hashtag troops?

Why does the media insist on talking about the time Greene endorsed the "Frazzledrip" conspiracy theory, which teaches that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin "sexually assaulted a child, filleted her face, wore her face like a mask, and then drank her blood as part of a satanic ritual to ingest something called adrenochrome"?

Why can't they talk about how she probably changed her profile picture to an Eiffel Tower to stand with France at some point or another? WHAT ABOUT HER CAT PICTURES?

And look, we don't know if Greene actually posted any of those nice things we just said she posted, but maybe. Point is, she says she posts nice things, and we never talk about them.

Now, you may be wondering why Marjorie Taylor Greene would think there is news value in her sharing stupid Jesus memes that say "LIKE" if you want to give Jesus a Valentine, "SHARE" if you want him all to yourself on Valentine's Day. That's it, that's the end of that paragraph.

The rest of Marjorie Taylor Greene's town hall sounds like it was just great. Reporter Meredith Aldis from WCRB in Chattanooga tried to ask Greene about all her bad Facebooking, and she retorted that "I'm talking to my constituents," because of how reporters were not allowed to ask questions at this town hall meeting. When Aldis tried again, Greene's staff had her kicked out by the police:

[S]taffers from Greene's office told the reporter she had "caused a disturbance" and demanded she and her team leave, WRCB reported Wednesday night. A sheriff's deputy threatened to arrest Aldis and her crew for trespassing at the public town hall, which reporters had been invited to attend, the station reported.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's comms director Nick Dyer said Aldis "interrupted the event and caused a scene." Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter Patrick Filbin uploaded some video, so you all can judge what dicks Greene and her staff are:

Awesome, that is just some very good Congress-ing!

Meanwhile back in Washington DC, Democratic Rep. Jimmy Gomez announced Wednesday that he's filing a resolution to kick Marjorie Taylor Greene's un-American, violence-inciting, conspiracy-theory-addicted ass out of Congress. Because she really is that awful, and we guess Gomez thinks people shouldn't be in Congress if they have called for elected officials to be executed, even if it was a very long two years ago, or if they've abused and harassed teenaged school shooting survivors, or if they spread lies about school shootings being staged, or if they [insert pretty much everything that's ever come out of Marjorie Taylor Greene's mouth in her entire life here].

"Such advocacy for extremism and sedition not only demands her immediate expulsion from Congress, but it also merits strong and clear condemnation from all of her Republican colleagues," Gomez said in a statement Wednesday.

Sounds fine to us.

If they're going to let people like Marjorie Taylor Greene represent them, then the GOP isn't a political party anymore, it's a seditious insurgency, and should be dealt with as such.

[Washington Post / Newsweek]

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