Hey guess what, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a lunatic and a dick again, just like the headline says. We'd like to end this post now, but we guess we won't.

Know how wingnut men have this predilection for challenging women to debates, women who are usually above their station in life, smarter than them, and have no discernible reason for wanting to engage in a bad faith debate with a wingnut who doesn't accept facts? They especially like yelling DEBATE ME! at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, like Ben Shapiro did a while back.

Well, let's just say MTG appears to share this particular and very specific predilection, because she's been bothering AOC all week to DEBATE ME! on the Green New Deal, which is being relaunched this week.

And Greene CLAIMS that AOC has accepted. We'll take that with a grain of salt.

Hey, maybe AOC decided it'd be fun to kick MTG around for sport.

Regardless, Greene was still TUFF-TALKIN' at Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Thursday afternoon.

Right Wing Watch has the summary of the video she posted on her Facebook, which we'll copy/paste because we don't have the time or patience for transcribing at the moment.

On Thursday, Greene posted a video on her Facebook page announcing that she has now read the 14-page bill and is ready for the debate, declaring that if Ocasio-Cortez refuses to participate, she'll just be showing the world that she's "a scared little girl that is pretty stupid and doesn't know anything about the economy or economics."

"I've read all 14 little pages, and I'm very ready to debate her on the House floor," Greene said. "She better show up. If she chickens out, then she shows exactly who she really is: a scared little girl that is pretty stupid and doesn't know anything about the economy or economics. She boasts that she does because she has 'a degree' in economics, but she doesn't have enough common sense to actually be able to produce anything in the real world, she just has a government job."

LOL OK, a couple things here.

Greene's qualifications for this "debate" appear to be "What do I know? I just like to read a lot EMOJI," which is what she literally wrote on Facebook when she advanced her Jewish Space Laser theory of wildfires. Now she's read a 14-page summary of the Green New Deal, so she's READY. Bring on the exam, y'all!

Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez was a double major at Boston U., graduating with degrees in international relations and economics. So there's that. Which Greene acknowledges in her post, while calling AOC stupid.

Also, Greene may not be clear on this, but "she just has a government job" is not a very good insult when you have the exact same government job as the person you are insulting. It'd be like a pharmacist making fun of another pharmacist by saying "Hey you dumb fucking pharmacist, whatcha doin', filling prescriptions like SOME DUMB PHARMACIST?"

And what, praytell, has Marjorie Taylor Greene produced in her life? This garbage internet troll who literally buys into the QAnon conspiracy theory out here talking about the "real world"? This dick who got a construction company from her daddy and then changed careers to "CrossFit"? OK. (Obviously the CrossFit relationship is no longer going well for Rep. Greene.)

We're not mad, we're just trying to wrap our heads around all of this.

One more thing about "government job": Has anyone told MTG that when you are in Congress and the person you are harassing to DEBATE ME! is also in Congress, you don't actually have to get on Twitter to yell DEBATE ME? Because, like, debating them is part of their "government job"? Happens on the floor of the House of Representatives? Has she heard about that?

She may not have heard about that.

Of course, this is just MTG's latest dickish behavior. Earlier this week, she was on Twitter spreading racist bullshit about how DC — a place the people who voted for her are scared of — was completely dead and impassable after the Derek Chauvin verdict, because of how she imagines everybody else was as scared of Black people as she seems to be. Or, you know, maybe she was just lying for lying's sake.

If you missed that whole thing, Talking Points Memo has a nice roundup of actual Washingtonians calling her a dumb lying dick.

And that's literally all we have to say about this. Like we said, we're not even mad. It's just ... this walking comments section named Marjorie Taylor Greene is just so goddamn stupid, Jesus Christ.

It's a thing to behold.

[Right Wing Watch]

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