Marjorie Taylor Greene Gonna Blow Up Biden’s Socialist Agenda With GUNS, Not Votes, GUNS!

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Gonna Blow Up Biden’s Socialist Agenda With GUNS, Not Votes, GUNS!

Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene lost her committee assignments in February because of her deranged behavior, specifically on social media where she'd liked posts encouraging the assassination of Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her 2020 campaign ads depicted her toting a rifle next to images of Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She described herself as their “worst nightmare," and voters in her district eagerly sent a racist bogeyman to Congress.

A few days ago, Greene posted a video on her YouTube channel where she spouted some lies about President Joe Biden and Afghanistan while wielding a comically large gun that might as well have had an Acme logo. We guess her big gun was supposed to represent all the guns Biden gave Afghanistan in exchange for some magic beans?

"Biden should be impeached," she declared because that's her sole policy position. "Now I'm doing a gun giveaway of my own, but for Americans only. I want you to win this .50 caliber rifle that Democrats will ban if they keep the House next year."

Democrats already control the House and Senate and haven't banned this specific model of killing machine, nor will they ever as long as the filibuster and centrists exist. Meanwhile, Republicans have successfully made gun laws more lax in states such as Texas.

Anyway, here's the dullard's video. We don't advise watching, but it's your finite lifespan.

As we explained above, the game show host congresswoman offers her supporters a chance to win a 50-caliber rifle valued at $10,000, and sorry, all you Taliban members watching at home, she says this giveaway is for AMERICANS ONLY.

Then the video somehow gets worse.

GREENE: While Joe Biden broke America's pledge to never leave a man behind, Nancy Pelosi is sneaking the Green New Deal into the $3.5 trillion budget.

Republicans have left 673,637 American men, women, and children behind on the COVID-19 battlefield. Greene's response to the rising death tolls in her own state has sounded like a depressed freshman-year philosophy major: “We're human. We can't live forever." Such wisdom, yet she lives among the common people!

Pelosi isn't “sneaking" the Green New Deal through budget reconciliation. However, Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda does address the climate crisis that is flooding our cities and setting some of the others on fire. It's Revelation out there.

Greene takes aim at the "Democrats' socialist agenda," literally with the same 50-caliber rifle. She points it at a Toyota Prius labeled SOCIALISM and blows it away because she's not a rational person.

She also keeps saying she will “blow up" the Democratic agenda in 2022, and while it's not normally wise to argue with apparently unstable people wielding military weapons, I can state with confidence that Greene won't achieve anything productive in 2022. Democrats control the House until at least January 3, 2023. She's probably just referring to the midterm elections, but she can hold her deep-red seat with one hand up her ass. We imagine the Republicans who need to flip competitive seats to regain the House would prefer Greene stop reminding voters she exists.

You might consider Greene's video a new low for Republican politics, but that's only if you forgot Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp's equally explosive ad from 2018.

Kemp boasted at the time, “I'm so conservative, I blow up government spending." And then something blew up. It wasn't a subtle point. He said, “I own guns that no one's taking away." Then he cocked his macho machine, as if implying that he wouldn't obey any new stinking gun laws. It's not surprising that MAGA is equally defiant about mask and vaccine mandates. Public safety was never a big Republican concern.

He also showed off his “big truck," which he claimed he'd use to “round up any criminal illegals and take 'em home myself." That's an eerily prescient line considering the vigilante-encouraging abortion ban Texas just passed.

Saturday, Kemp's ad was trending on Twitter and many people assumed it was recent. But no, the GOP was off its nut well before Marjorie Taylor Greene slithered onto the scene.

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