Marjorie Taylor Greene On Congressional Committees Is Real And It Is Amaaaaaaazing

To all the people out there who said Marjorie Taylor Greene was far too stupid to be on a congressional committee, you were correct! But she is on them, and oh man, if this is what it is like, we will live blog it every time.

Gene Dodaro is the comptroller of the United States, and today testified for a hearing of the House Oversight Committee on pandemic spending. And the congresswoman from Crossfit opened her mouth like a clown playing with a gong and asked questions, because that's how you do oversight.

So, MISTER DODARO, if that is even your real name, how much "COVID cash" went to "CRT"?

To which Mr. Dodaro replied HEEEENGH?

Greene replied that CRT is a "racist curriculum used to teach children that somehow their white skin is not equal to Black skin and other things." Exactly.

Greene went on to break the tough news that in Illinois? An elementary school? Used their COVID cash for "equity and diversity."

Oh, Mister Dodaro. You don't even know the things Marjorie Taylor Greene has seen.


How much COVID cash went to pay for "drag queen story hour?" (Apparently Greene thinks the drag queens receive large salaries to read books at public libraries, or maybe just general stipends from the government for wig replacements.)

To which Mr. Dodaro replied HEEEEENGH?

Greene explained to Dodaro that "Drag Queen Storytime" (she fucked it up the second time and all subsequent times) was "where men dress up as women and read confusing books to children."

Confusing books. Imagine that describes a number of 'em for the gentlewoman from Georgia.

Dodaro said he thought she said "Dry Clean" story hour, which is just amazing.

"We need to look into this," said Greene. An LGBTQ+ community center in Pennsylvania got $16,000 of COVID moneys, said Greene, who is probably the dumbest bigot in Congress.

She yielded back the remainder of her time, because she was done now.

This is what it looks like when weird bonkers conspiracy theorists who think the most important issues facing America are "CRT" and drag queen story hour ask normal people questions.

Marjorie Taylor Greene needs to be on all the committees, please, it will be like all-day "Hee Haw."

Make it happen, Kevin.


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