Marjorie Taylor Greene Promotes ‘National Divorce’ Between MAGA, Normal People

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Promotes ‘National Divorce’ Between MAGA, Normal People

Last week, GOP rep/wannabe BuzzFeed poll writer asked her Twitter followers if America should have a “national divorce," we guess because openly calling for sedition is always fun.


According to the final (and very scientific!) results, 43 percent of participants would like a split between “Republican" and “Democratic" states. Of course, MAGA idiots like Greene can't accept that a number of states they consider theirs actually voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in 2020. Including Georgia.

Almost 48 percent of respondents said, “No, let's stay together" and continue making each other miserable. Maybe that was good enough for their parents. The remaining 9.3 percent remains undecided about a possible civil war. Swing voters are notoriously noncommittal.

Greene, who apparently has an excess of free time, discussed her goofy ass poll on Steve Bannon's podcast Friday. She described the country as deeply divided, much like an arsonist gleefully watching the flames from a house they set on fire.

"So many people talk to me about how divided our country is and how it's irreconcilable," she said.

"I've been hearing that from so many...about dividing the country between Republican and Democrat states."

Of course, there's no such thing as Republican and Democratic states. That's not just pleasant rhetoric from an Obama or Biden speech. There are literally more Trump voters in California than there are in the three most conservative states — Wyoming, North Dakota, and Mississippi — combined. No matter what the squirrels who live in her head are telling her, President Joe Biden objectively won Arizona and Georgia, and both those states have a clean sweep of Democratic senators, even though one of them is Kyrsten Sinema.

Greene and her MAGA brood might come across a bit like Southerners prior to the Civil War, but at least there was an accepted understanding then over which states permitted slavery. There is no similar shared reality between Trump's cult and the rest of us. Greene fundamentally refuses to accept that good, decent people outnumber her in Georgia. It's not a Dominion voting machine trick.

It's also obvious Greene hasn't considered what kind of economy her red state dystopia would have. This is the sort of “national divorce" where Democrats take the kids, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street, while Republicans crash on a buddy's futon in Alabama. Also, the “red" Southern states have significant Black populations, so good luck with that, congresswoman.

Bannon opposed the idea of splitting the nation because he's delusional enough to believe his brand of white nationalism has mainstream appeal.

"It's something that I'm adamantly obviously opposed to, vehemently.

"And I don't even like some of these commentators starting to talk about it, for the simple reason we control two-thirds of the country. Two-thirds of the country actually back what President Trump stands for, nationalist populism."

Math is hard.

Trump won just 46.1 percent of the people's vote in 2016 and broadened his coalition to a whopping 46.9 percent in 2020. Perhaps Bannon only believes white voters are legitimate, in which case Trump carried 58 percent of his preferred demo. That's still not two-thirds. No one — not even Saint Ronald Reagan — has performed that well among white voters. If Republicans actually had the support of that many white voters, they wouldn't have to work so hard to keep people of color from voting.

The Electoral College and the Senate are institutions that support (white) minority rule. MAGA doesn't represent a majority of Americans and never will.

Greene insisted she'd have better numbers for secession if Twitter wasn't such a “hard-left" platform. If that's true, then maybe don't conduct your poll on Twitter, genius.

Still, she claimed the results from her her highly scientific (no, wait, the opposite of that) survey "should be the wake-up call to Democrats in particular that they cannot do this to our country." (That's right, her poll she made on Twitter.)

She also said the poll should "wake up the Republicans who refuse to act like Republicans." (Yep, again, her poll she made on Twitter.)

We'll all get right on that, congresswoman.

[Business Insider]

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