Supergenius Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Thoughts About Vaccines, Segregation, ‘Staff Infections’

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Supergenius Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Thoughts About Vaccines, Segregation, ‘Staff Infections’

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that residents would have to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to enter restaurants, movie theaters, and most public venues. Vaccination rates in the country immediately surged after the announcement. Anti-vaxxers still protested but French officials ignored them much like US politicians ignore citizens who protest gun violence.

Republican governors desperate for approval from spoiled, vaccine-resistant babies have issued executive orders banning so-called “vaccine passports" or any sensible vaccine mandates that would let us get on with our lives. However, some local businesses in their states are defiantly stating that they don't want your business if you can't provide proof of vaccination. Call them crazy fascists but they don't want willfully ignorant people spreading COVID-19 to their employees and sensible customers.

Noted crackpot Marjorie Taylor Greene, an actual GOP member of Congress, freaked out when she saw an Instagram photo of the east Atlanta restaurant Argosy with a door sign stating "NO VAX NO SERVICE." Argosy, a private business, implemented this policy after some employees tested positive for COVID-19. This forced them to close and they can't afford to shut down again because the MAGA crowd won't get their “Fauci ouchie."


She tweeted:

This is called segregation.

No, it's fucking not. Greene wakes up each morning screaming “Communism!" but she doesn't seem to comprehend how capitalism works. “No vax, no service" is like the "no shirts, no shoes, no service" signs. No one in a restaurant wants to see Greene's weird Hobbit feet.

From Fox 5 Atlanta:

"We weren't setting out to offend anyone. We aren't by any stretch promoting mandatory vaccinations. We feel very strongly that this is no different from a no shirt, no shoes, no service policy," Argosy co-owner Armando Celentano said. "It's something that public health science shows lowers our chances of contracting and spreading the coronavirus."

This is a very clear, free market-type decision, but this dullard wants to compare it to separate water fountains. Greene is from Georgia, which has a distinctly repulsive history of actual segregation:

Blacks and whites attended separate schools, drank from separate water fountains, worshipped at separate churches, rode in separate railroad cars, and visited separate parks and recreational facilities. When separate facilities were unavailable or prohibitively expensive, as with movie theaters or public buses, Blacks were confined to separate sections, usually at the rear.

In other circumstances, such as at hotels and restaurants, or in professional societies, Blacks were often refused admission altogether.

As part of her ongoing disinformation campaign, Greene has compared vaccine requirements to the Holocaust and now Jim Crow. Weird how she can't recall any historical events that negatively impacted people like herself. She apologized about the Holocaust comparisons for a hot minute after visiting the Holocaust Museum in DC. Next up for her is probably a field trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Just let Black folks know in advance so we can stay home that day.

She wasn't done, of course. There was more goofiness to follow:

Will you be testing everyone at the door for the flu, strep throat, stomach bugs, colds, meningitis, aids, venereal diseases, Hep A, Hep C, staff infections, athletes foot, pink eye, croup, bronchitis, ringworm, scabies, or any other contagions?

This fool fundamentally doesn't understand how infectious diseases work or even basic risk assessment. She actually compared AIDS to catching strep throat. Maybe she still thinks you can catch VD from a public toilet seat. We're not sure what establishments she's frequenting, but any restaurant with reported outbreaks of meningitis and, curiously, athlete's foot is going to get shut down.

We don't normally point out spelling errors in tweets because auto-correct's a motherfucker, but seriously, “staff infections," Rep. Greene? Evan informs us that when he had a staph infection, he thought it was spelled “staff," but he was six at the time and probably already smarter than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Last year, when the pandemic first shut down Argosy and the restaurant's future was uncertain, co-owner Armando Celentano found time to collect food donations for vulnerable senior citizens. Now, his business is receiving death threats, because vaccine resisters believe everyone else's freedom ends at the point when they become mildly inconvenienced.



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