Marjorie Taylor Greene Surrenders To COVID-19, Wears Mask Like A Loser Who Doesn’t Want To Die

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Surrenders To COVID-19, Wears Mask Like A Loser Who Doesn’t Want To Die

Some Democrats have spilled tea claiming they couldn't survive the party's limited association with socialists and police defunders. However, non-Trump Republicans seem to have done just fine last week despite party leaders embracing wackjobs Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, who are just two members away from their own QAnon Squad in the House.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who strongly criticized Greene during the primaries, now says we should give the new representatives from Georgia and Colorado a chance.

Our party is very diverse. You mentioned two people who are going to join our party, and both of them have denounced QAnon, so the only thing I would ask for you in the press — these are new members. Give them an opportunity before you claim what you believe they have done and what they will do."

Yes, the GOP defines “diversity" as two white women with emotional problems.

Boebert has tried to distance herself from the bonkers QAnon conspiracy theory, but she's found a new conspiracy drug: She's combatting the selective "voter fraud" that stole the presidency from Donald Trump but somehow still elected her.

Republicans are very generous with their new QAnon members. All they have to do is recant while continuing to push QAnon garbage. Meanwhile, Republicans ran attack ads claiming every Democrat was a socialist who hated cops, regardless of their actual positions.

McCarthy is also lying about Greene's rejection of QAnon. She still considers it "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out."

Shortly after her inevitable, but still disappointing, election to Congress, Greene picked a fight with GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw from Texas because he dared entertain the notion that Trump might've lost the presidential election. I normally don't care about asshole-on-asshole violence, but Greene seems to have blown her opportunity to prove she's not the person she's always been.

Friday, Greene tweeted about her New Member Orientation at the House of Representatives. This is another instance where I wish the Democrats played hardball. Greene, whose Twitter bio identifies her as “congresswoman-elect," has signed a letter alleging serious “voting irregularities" in Georgia. She was on the same damn Georgia ballot as Donald Trump. Either the election was fixed or it wasn't. She can't attack the credibility of the election but accept her own victory as legitimate. Nancy Pelosi should tell her to keep her raggedy ass home until the recount is complete.

Greene complained that the New Member Orientation focused on COVID-19 and “masks, masks, masks" rather than, I guess, something important like the House's wi-fi password. Coronavirus cases are surging in Georgia. People are dying. But this fool won't wear a mask. She thinks they are “oppressive." In Georgia, she proclaims, “we work out, shop, go to restaurants, go to work, and school without masks." As of Thursday, there were 380,190 confirmed COVID-19 cases confirmed in Georgia, an increase of 2,547 from the previous day, so a lot of Georgians are going to the hospital without masks.

Oh, and she justified her selfish, ignorant, scientifically illiterate decision by co-opting the pro-choice affirmation: “My body, my choice." When a woman chooses to terminate her pregnancy, she doesn't somehow cause dozens of other pregnant women to miscarry while also killing their grandparents. Greene claims she's 100 percent “pro-life," but she won't wear a simple piece of cloth over her face, which is proven to save lives.

Greene is the worst kind of fraud, because she doesn't even believe her bullshit. Cristina Marcos of The Hill reported that Greene did in fact wear a mask inside the House today.

She pushed the hashtag #FreeYourFace while shackling her own with the American flag, just because Nancy Pelosi said she had to if she wanted to come to work. Sad! That's what she thinks of the rubes who elected her. Let's hope they see this and realize that she's a dirtbag but also that it's well past time they took COVID-19 seriously.

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