Marjorie Taylor Greene VERY MAD, Might Be Hallucinating A Tiny

Y'all, Marjorie Taylor Greene is ANGRY. None of her Republican so-called colleagues are springing to her defense after she said COVID-19 vaccines and masks are just like the Holocaust, and some of them are even saying mean things about her! Sure, Liz Cheney called her comments "evil lunacy," but that's to be expected, because Liz Cheney is a terrible person who probably doesn't even read Q's daily newsletter. But these others? WHAT SAY THEY?

For instance, Greene says Kevin McCarthy needs to learn to be more like Nancy Pelosi, who is not criticizing any of her members even though Antifa is literally attacking Jews in the streets of America, yes, literally attacking Jews in the streets of America! What, you haven't heard about that? Well, Marjorie Taylor Greene has it on good authority that Antifa is ATTACKING JEWS IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA!

Don't know how this connects to MTG's Jewish Space Lasers, or the fact that what she said about the vaccines and the Holocaust was just insanely offensive and anti-Semitic, but here are some words Greene said to Newsmax's Greg Kelly, who is a real human being who likes Greene just a whole lot. Indeed, he began the interview like SQUEEEEEEE! because Greene is the most famous person in the entire Republican caucus in the House of Representatives!

GREENE: You have to have respect for Nancy Pelosi in that she never allows attacks on her own, and she defends them even when they sleep with Chinese spies, when they attack Israel, when they stand with Hamas terrorism.


She has zero proof of what she's saying, of course. She may not even know where she is right now.

GREENE: And that when their rhetoric is so disgusting, and that antifa, pro-Palestinian rioters are on the streets attacking American Jews.

What? What? Where does she think she is seeing this? What does she think she sees when she opens her eyes?

To be clear, there has been an alarming recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks in America, just like there's been an alarming rise in attacks on the AAPI community. Greene seeing that and screaming ANTIFA!1111!!!! and blaming it on Nancy Pelosi and members of the House Democratic caucus is where this goes off the rails.


GREENE: You know Nancy Pelosi stands with her own, and Kevin McCarthy never had to say a word. He could have said, 'You know, you should ask Marjorie about her words and ask her what she had to say.'

That would have been the right answer for him. So, it's unfortunate that he took this route, and he didn't even text me or call me, which is really a shame, before I found out seeing it in the news that he had said that.

He didn't even text. :(

GREENE: And then sadly Elise Stefanik, our new GOP chair, you know, followed suit of course right along, and then I think Steve Scalise and others. And they shouldn't have done that. None of them called me and asked me what I meant by what I said.

They didn't even call. :(

And she could have explained so easily! And her explanation would have been that she said what she meant the first time, apparently:

GREENE: It's terrible how people are being treated in this country about masks and about vaccine passports, and we have to stand up to these aggressions, and these are the exact types of aggressions that take away our freedoms, and we've seen it with tyrants in the past throughout history, and these are definitely countries that pursued the Socialist path, the same path that the Democrats are pursuing.

Dear. God.

Kelly agreed with Greene about McCarthy, reading off a very clever tweet he had sent asking whether McCarthy has the FURNITURE in his BRAIN to do his JOB!!! (We only use three exclamation points because GREG!!! DID!!!)

There are five more minutes of interview in the above clip after Kelly brags about his own VERY good TWEET about BACKBONE!!! We turned it off because we just couldn't anymore. But if you'd like to watch it, it's there.

On Tuesday, Greene retweeted and immediately deleted a tweet calling Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the caucus that allows her to be in it, a "feckless cunt."

So she's just having a really stellar week, and she's not hallucinating this week AT ALL.

All right then.

Greg Kelly is also tweeting this morning:

Everything's going well for all these people.

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