Marjorie Taylor Greene Very Mad At Free Market Capitalism — Or As She Calls It, 'Corporate Communism'

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Very Mad At Free Market Capitalism — Or As She Calls It, 'Corporate Communism'

Marjorie Taylor Greene does not know what communism is. To be fair, she is not unique in this respect — a lot of people in America think communism is basically a "Choose You Own Adventure" of bad stuff. What is somewhat unique about her, however, is that she is a Republican who has no idea what capitalism is.

In a discussion with Matt Gaetz on his Firebrand podcast this week, Greene discussed her issues with what she calls "corporate communism." Her theory here is that communism just means "controlling everybody" and instead of the government controlling everyone themselves, they are getting corporations to control people for them. You know, because corporations are always doing the government's bidding without being compelled to by law.

She said:

I have a term for that. I call it corporate communism. Corporate communism destroys small businesses in America, and I have a very good example from my district. They destroy the small businesses and the corporations gain all the control and they can't be defeated, and they do the bidding of the government, like they're doing. Biden's saying "Oh, the government's not gonna mandate vaccines ... but the big corporations are doing it." Corporate communism, they're putting the policy in place, through their businesses, on their employees and on their customers.

Marjorie Taylor Greene may not like this and she may not like communism, but that doesn't then mean that this is communism. I don't like cottage cheese and I don't like birds, that does not mean that cottage cheese is a bird, or vice versa.

This, actually, is just free market capitalism in action. And while the US generally has a bit of a "socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor" problem, that is not what this is either.

The reason these corporations are able to get so huge and "hurt" small businesses is because of economic policies largely favored and implemented by Republicans. I agree with Marjorie here — those policies are bad and corporations should be more heavily regulated in general.

But they're not doing the bidding of the government, they are doing what is in their own best economic interest. Why? Because sick days cost them money and inconvenience them. Why, given the choice, would an employer make it more likely that a whole bunch of employees are going to have to take time off of work, all at once, to recover from COVID? What sense would that make?

As for the customers? Well, it's hard to write a positive Yelp review from an ICU, and smart business owners know that.

This logic really only makes sense if you think COVID is not real and that the United States government invented it and the vaccine for the express purpose of being able to "control" Marjorie Taylor Greene and friends. That seems like a lot of effort and money for something with such unclear benefits and no guarantee that it would actually work. And why would they continue bothering when it seems quite clear that everyone who got the vaccine remains in full possession of their free will. I suppose it's possible that in a month's time we will all turn into cybermen, but it seems unlikely.

A vaccine, for the record, actually seems like a terrible route to go if your goal is to control the kind of people who don't believe in vaccines. And a virus like COVID isn't a very good way to control people who don't care if other people live or die. You'd be much better off slipping your mind control drugs into some of that magical miracle bleach or some kind of snake oil. (Wonkette does not recommend slipping things into people's drinks or drinking bleach).

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