Marjorie Taylor Greene Wins Best Transgender-Hating Wonder Woman Award From Totally Normal Hate Group

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Wins Best Transgender-Hating Wonder Woman Award From Totally Normal Hate Group

Eugene Delgaudio is not a person large luxury global worldwide web conglomerates like Wonkette usually spend a lot of time on. But he's one of those little engine that could anti-LGBTQ activists, a guy who's been around forever and who somehow isn't dead yet, so occasionally it's fine to check in. He calls himself the Public Advocate for the United States, and started an anti-gay hate group in that name. He used to be on the Board of Supervisors in Loudoun County, Virginia, a place that seems to attract utter bugfuck.

He is ... odd. This summer he got real mad because Burger King was allegedly selling "homosexual chickens."

Delgaudio is this chipper little whippersnapper, seen here presenting a "Happy Birthday Birthday" card to Melania Trump a couple years back.

Indeed, why wish the former first lady a simple happy birthday, when there's a happy birthday BIRTHDAY available?

This week, Delgaudio and his little SPLC-designated hate group — his very sad little SPLC-designated hate group — are back with some kind of award for Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. As you'll see from a video below, released this past summer, Delgaudio has a bit of a thing for Greene, apparently:

Public Advocate's website explains that its prize for Greene is the "Representative of Representatives" award, and that on top of the award, it has delivered her "120,000 signed petitions opposing the transgender assault of children in America." Okeydoke. Delgaudio says compared to Greene, the other 434 members of Congress fall short. We guess even batshit QAnon bigots like Lauren Boebert are total fuckups compared to Greene, in Delgaudio's eyes.

He lauds Greene for "standing for two genders against the tide of strange unlimited fake self descriptions of genders," yep you betcha, and also for "articulating daily on all media platforms the essential LMNOP+ (Lifestyle of Mainstream Normal Ordinary People) movements' hope for normality not perversity being America's standard." Not only is Eugene Delgaudio good at words, he is also clever with individual letters.

But you can read the website and its additional plaudits for Greene yourself, should you be interested.

Now we need to talk about the video above, because that's where all this folderol got started, this past June, which Delgaudio said he had RECLAIMED as "LMNOP Month." And on that day, his group debuted a song about Marjorie Taylor Greene being Wonder Woman, which was just one of several in a longer performance to kick off the beginning of "LMNOP Month," which somehow started on Juneteenth and ended on Labor Day. (It was a very long June.) (Do not be surprised this white loser man tried to steal Juneteenth in the process.)

As it starts, there is a woman dressed as "Wonder Woman," and we guess she's supposed to be Marjorie Taylor Greene. Sure. If Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot had a baby, it would be a lot like MTG. Behind "Wonder Woman" is a person holding a sign with the very clever "LMNOP" acronym. To her right is a person — one of Delgaudio's grandchildren? This has to be his family, right? — dressed up as, um, we are not sure, and they are all singing a very catchy song about how Marjorie Taylor Greene is Wonder Woman. While this is happening, Marjorie Taylor Greene the Wonder Woman intermittently does battles with a person who is dressed up as the gay agenda and also Black Lives Matter.

As the song nears its shivering climax, the lyrics are "Male and Female Facts stop a bill in its tracks," which leads us directly to the screengrab at the top of this post.

And then the Wonder Woman just keeps doing battle with the Black Lives Matter LGBTQ agenda, until all of a sudden the Black Lives Matter LGBTQ agenda person is on the ground, but don't worry, they get back up.

And then it's just ... over. And we have no clue what we just watched.

And now this blog post is over, because we are pretty sure this is what being a lib and getting owned feels like. Either that or we're just hungry.

But listen, Marjorie Taylor Greene, congrats on your award. Truly you are reaching great heights.

[Public Advocate of the United States / h/t Right Wing Watch]

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