Mark Halperin Pimps Book to 500 People With Review Copies

Buy my book! Buy my book! -WonketteYesterday, distinguished members of the Gang of 500 received a very special email from Mark Halperin, author, founder of "The Note," fellator of Drudge (after this week can we stop pretending Matt has an affect on the "news cycle" anymore? or, uh, The Note? or must we continue living in C-Span's I Love the '90s?). It was the usual bullshit (pretend memo from Hastert and Boehner's offices), with a brief plug plea appended:

Here's a Note exclusive, a joint statement from two gentlemen who wish to demonstrate that there is unity and harmony between the Office of the Speaker and the Office of the Majority Leader: (continued below)

---------- ADVERTISEMENT--------------

You have the power, Note readers. They say Oprah can make books, but so can you.

The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008, the new Random House book by Mark Halperin of ABC News and John F. Harris of the Washington Post, is now a top 100 book on Amazon in its first week of release.

Now is your chance to buy a copy of The Way to Win and prove that Note readers can move the needle.

The book is based on interviews about political strategy with Bill Clinton, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and many others, and includes extensive reporting on Hillary Clinton, Matt Drudge, Al Gore, John Kerry, and the other leading figures in today's world of presidential campaigns.

Buy copies here now before noon ET today and watch your cumulative efforts in action. (With apologies -- and homage -- to Joe Trippi.)

MARK: Have you considered calling Hugo Chavez?


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