Mark Sanford Cannot Talk About Joe Wilson (Or Anything??) Without Actually Talking About Mark Sanford


Mark Sanford has been thinking awhile about this whole Joe Wilson thing, which really, if you think about it, makes sense to think about in terms of Sanford's extramarital affair. (Lows by any other name!) Here is Sanford, giving some interview in South Carolina and justowning sixth grade's most savvy rhetorical move: "The guy apologized, and then you can have a bunch of other people come back and say, 'We want you to apologize again and again and again.'" Sympathy by the transitive property! There's more:

"At some point in all of life, the question is not, 'When is someone going to make a mistake?', but 'When do the rest of us move on?'" We are not meant to consciously pick up that here Sanford is talking about Wilson but he is really talking about himself. Read it again, psychoanalytically. See it now? "Someone" is Wilson, but it is also Sanford, because it is also EVERYONE. He is manipulating you because you've already forgiven him for disappearing into an Argentinian black hole of adultery. Because this is what Joe Wilson did. Because this is what you yourself did.

It's okay, Mark Sanford forgives you.



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