Mark Sanford Disappears, Returns, Makes Out With Ex-Wife

Mark Sanford Disappears, Returns, Makes Out With Ex-Wife

YesterdayThe State, which is the New York Times of Columbia, S.C., asked one of the pertinent and perpetually relevant political questions of our time: Yo where Mark Sanford at? The question-- which sparked a bloggin'frenzy -- for it was a sparking thing -- arose after America's Governor of Sexting failed to tell the press and his lieutenant governor why he didn't show up for work on Monday. He's really into abandonment, isn't he?

Given Sanford's (not criminal!) Problem Behavior during last year's Summer of Soulmating, people made assumptions about hiking, broads, etc. As it turns out, he probably did not hop aboard any taxpayer-funded planes to leave the country this time around -- instead, he spent "most of the Father’s Day weekend" with his four mini-me's and taking a little "personal time" to build some coffins, dig some holes--you know, putter.

Oh, and then on Tuesday night he went and showed up at a Nikki Haley victory hootenanny and made out with his ex-wife, Jenny. It was like old times! Except that now, kissing Jenny Sanford is a "forbidden love." Oooh, soulmate-lady's gonna be pissed. [The State]


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