Mark Sanford Thankful That Voters Don't Care About His Affair Anymore


Most South Carolinians are so poor/destitute that they seriously do not care at all about Mark Sanford's adulterous sexytimes with that lady from South America. A new poll proves it:

A large majority of South Carolinians – roughly 7 out of 10 – give the governor a grade of “C” or better for his overall performance as governor, according to a Winthrop Poll conducted earlier this month. Those grades stand in sharp contrast with earlier polls that showed residents to be unhappy with the governor, and they raise the prospect – unthinkable a year ago – that Sanford’s political life will not come to a close when his eight-year term as governor ends in January.

“There is amazing grace in this state,” Sanford said after presiding over a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. “I never comprehended the nature of forgiveness and grace as I do now.”

Poor Mark Sanford never knew what Forgiveness was, because it is not a traditional family value.


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