Mark Warner Cuts and Runs

This man, former Virginia governor Mark Warner, is expected to, uh, preemptively drop out of the race for President at 11 today, according to Hotline (and now the AP).

Despite Warner's goofy mug, he spent a glorious month or so as the Dems '08 frontrunner -- and he's both received and shelled out a whole lotta money to impress folks. He's succeeded in impressing plenty of movers and shakers, but they were mostly internet-based movers and shakers, who count for only 3/5ths of the real thing.

Still, to announce in late '06 that you won't be running in '08, when you've already begun amassing your warchest and winning over opinion leaders, suggests something quite deliciously awry. What is it? Remember: he's a Virginia politician, so he's probably got a history of racism, sexism, and making fun of kids with Down Syndrome.

If you have any idea what made Mark not run, please tell us. We'll amass the best answers, plausible or simply funny, and hold it to the vote Mr. Warner won't let us have.

Breaking: Warner May Not Run in '08 [Hotline]


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