Marry Him If He Does These Unexpected Things! Tabs, Fri., Dec. 24, 2021

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Cop who reached going to jail. (CBS News)

Joan Didion on the Central Park Five. (New York Review of Books) What Joan Didion means. (Vox) Against Joan Didion. I mean damn. And I can't disagree. (Barbara Grizzutti Harrison collected at U Penn)

Pramila Jayapal =/= your nonsense! — Joan Walsh interviews her at The Nation

"Both Watters and his audience — who were whooping and hollering — are just so clearly threatened by Dr. Fauci. The frenzy of defensive rage that Dr. Fauci inspires on the right is hard to square with the man himself, a slight and mild-mannered fellow who retains a 50s-era Brooklyn accent. It's like being threatened by a puppy dog. It's like experiencing foaming rage at a child flying a kite. Dr. Fauci's main two public qualities are that he's very nice and wants to help. Who hates that?" Amanda Marcotte asks and answers at Salon!

A reminder some of our friends may need that ACTUALLY a vote for student debt relief is a vote for racial equity, ACTUALLY :) (We love you.) (Brookings)

New Jersey lege protects marriage from the trash Supreme Court. — Advocate

Whaaaat? The hospitals are full??? How could that be? (Business Insider)

An old study of happiness on Black children and certain verb forms in AAVE (Ebonics). — U Mass


I was laughing at us for being so hot for Michael Avenatti before he went directly to jail, but Liz pointed out we never would have learned a WHOLE BUNCH OF SHIT without his narcissistic (and so goddamn handsome) help. I asked her to write that up as a Wonkette Slate pitch, but as usual she flipped me the finger and ran out laughing. — Politico

Modernist gingerbread architecture! (Present and Correct)

Most of these are stupid. Husband hacks. — WTFacts

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