Furries To Blame For Buffalo Shooting, Say Stew Peters And Kandiss Taylor

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Furries To Blame For Buffalo Shooting, Say Stew Peters And Kandiss Taylor

If there is one thing the far right is sure of this week, it is that its number one mission is proving the Buffalo shooter was either a liberal, a federal agent or someone brainwashed by the FBI to shoot up a Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York, in hopes of making racist conspiracy theories seem like a bad thing. You know, because otherwise everyone thought Great Replacement/White Genocide stuff was perfectly reasonable.

Far-right talk show host Stew Peters thinks he has proof the shooter is a liberal, and that proof is that he is supposedly a furry, which means he cannot possibly be a white supremacist.

In a Telegram post Sunday, Peters wrote, "The Feds knew about the NY shooter, who was a mentally-disturbed 'furry', and they let it happen. They WANTED it to happen." [sic] He then shared a post from Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Kandiss "God, Guns and Babies" Taylor featuring an image from the shooter's livestream where his phone shows that he had been looking at a picture of a sexy cartoon dog.

It turns out the Buffalo shooter yesterday was a furry," Taylor wrote. "In my list of executive orders, I explicitly addressed and received blowback for tackling the perversions of the furry culture. Twisting the minds of Generation Z MUST END!" This is true. Kandiss Taylor has been freaking out about furries for some time now. One of her "executive orders" she'd sign as governor involves instituting a dress code in schools that will ban "furry" attire.

In his post, Peters then wrote that "The gun didn’t do it. A 'white supremacist' didn’t do it. A sick and demented furry did it," adding that "When Kandiss Taylor is elected governor, GA will be furry-free..."

Probably because he's a very big fan of free speech.

The picture in question is fan art of Martha Speaks, a cartoon about a dog named Martha who gained the ability to speak after eating a bowl of alphabet soup. The theme song for the show has been a popular internet meme for a while now.

Martha Was An Average Dogwww.youtube.com

Peters followed that post up with an "explanation" of what furries are for his audience:

For those asking, a “furry” is someone who identifies as an animal. There are school districts with freak show, nose ring-wearing, purple haired ANTIFA crackpot groomer rapists for teachers that are bending a knee to this sickness and offering students litter boxes in the classroom.

Fact: Furries are not Conservative “white supremacists”.

Furries don't "identify" as animals, and no one is putting litter boxes in classrooms for them. That's not a thing. This is not to say there aren't people who claim to identify as animals, but they're not furries. They call themselves Otherkin or "therians," and sure, they're a tad ridiculous, but they're not bothering anybody.

Also, while looking at this picture does not necessarily mean alleged shooter Payton Gendron is a furry, neo-Nazi furries are in fact a thing and have been for a while now. The Daily Beast's Kelly Weill reported in 2017 that the Rocky Mountain Fur Con in Denver had to be canceled due to an influx of fascist furries, organizing themselves under the #AltFurry hashtag.

Of course, none of this matters to a guy who has been ranting for over week about how the US is giving $40 billion to Satanic Nazi cannibals in Ukraine so they can eat Russians. (We can assume the money is for seasonings and side dishes.)

Stew Peters Show. Ukrainian Nazi Cannibals Eating Russians: US Sends $40 billion to man-eating war criminalsI wish I were joking, but I'm not

Frankly, the only difference between believing Stew Peters's nonsense and believing that one is an elf trapped in a human body who remembers the language they spoke on their elf planet back when they were elves in elf bodies or the parent of 2,000 alien-human-hybrid babies is that the latter two aren't harmful to anybody.

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