Soothsaying raconteur Martin Peretz has a little story for you. Come children, gather ye rosebuds, for it is time to hear the sorry tale of Sidney Blumenthal, who is, at this very moment,maybe already on Hillary Clinton's travel diplomacy team! You see, Blumenthal once worked for Peretz at the New Republic magazine, a "The Spine" avant la lettre, if you will. Despite knowing absolutely nothing about foreign policy (or literally anything) and overcoming his debilitating addiction to borrowing $3000 from Peretz and not paying him back, Blumenthal ascended the ranks of Peretz's Arabic-language fiction quarterly!  Sacre Blume!

But that was before. And this is now. And Peretz wants Hillary Clinton to know she would be a foolish fool to hire Blumenthal, exactly as Peretz did:

"A very knowledgeable person informed me that Hillary has had second thoughts about Sidney. No one ever said the lady was stupid. So maybe he won't really be on the federal payroll, after all. In which case he can compete with his progeny for space on the far left blogosphere.

Or do hagiography at the Wlliam J. Clinton Presidential Library in Dog Patch."

In other words, it's really imperative that Blumenthal stop trying to flee the country and instead do the right thing by getting an internship that will allow him to earn back the $3000 he borrowed from Peretz 25 years ago.

[The Spine]


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