Massachusetts Democrats Working Overtime To Lose Massachusetts For Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Democrats Working Overtime To Lose Massachusetts For Elizabeth Warren

Everybody's super favorite (not kidding) schoolmarm/Senate candidate, Elizabeth Warren, has had a rough week. She did not havea good answer to why she used to say she was Native American. (To us, "our family always thought we were," which is true, they did, was a waaay better answer than what she eventually came up with, which was on the line of "I wanted to meet people!"). So she had a bad week. All candidates do eventually! It probably would have passed! Unfortunately, Massachusetts Democrats have decided to go on the offensive, with ethics complaints, because there are pictures of Scott Brown's official events in his campaign ads.

There are also several photos in Brown's first TV ad, "Independent," that are from Brown's official events and are posted on his official Senate website -- including one of Brown with children at a Boys and Girls club.

Oh no, Scott Brown's campaign website shows him doing his job! Have the Dems bitched about Fenway Park yet? Maybe talked about how gross it would be to have to shake voters' hands?

From the Globe:

The Massachusetts Democratic Party today filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee, arguing that Senator Scott Brown abused public resources by using video shot by a government employee to promote his reelection campaign.

The Globe reported last week that the video - of Brown sinking an underhanded, half-court basketball shot - was recorded by his Senate communications director, during an official event, and after that employee had flown to and from Massachusetts on an airline ticket bought by the taxpayers.

A day later, the Republican’s reelection campaign posted it to YouTube with the title, “Scott Brown’s Amazing Half-Court Shot.”

The staffer, Marcie Kinzel, said campaign lawyers had reviewed the circumstances and concluded it was allowable to use the video under ethics rules exceptions allowing some crossover between official and campaign activities.

“Neither Senator Brown nor the campaign has ever claimed (nor could it be claimed) that the video was recorded for any governmental purpose,” wrote John Walsh, chairman of the state party, in a letter to the committee’s chairwoman and vice chairman. “The benefit the campaign received from Ms. Kinzel’s actions is evident by the immediate posting of the video on the campaign’s website and its subsequent frequent use of and reference to it.”

For fuck's sake, stop being a bunch of whiny-ass titty-babies and get back to the issues that matter: Scott Brown having six houses, and throwing underhand, like a granny.

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