Massive Crowds Protest Jeremiah Wright In Georgia


If there was one thing the 2008 election taught us, it's that African-American politicians no longer need to court fire-breathing black pastors to get elected. Now, thanks to Barack Obama, Reverend Jeremiah Wright is quite possibly one of the most powerless black liberation theologists in the country! And this is why it was very, very important fornearly 20 brave Georgians to protest him when he came to Macon to deliver a sermon.

“He’s harvesting souls for hate. Hate is not of the Lord,” 940-AM morning talk show host Chris Krok shouted through a bullhorn.

On his program, Krok has blasted Wright for some of the preacher’s remarks, which came to light during the past presidential campaign.

[...] Janis Horne, a Macon woman who was the first to arrive for Krok’s protest, said she “felt good” about the event.

“We did it because we are Christians,” she said. “And Christians have stood down too long. ... I was hoping for hundreds.”

Wright was talking about, let's see, "Jesus healing a blind beggar on his way to Jericho," which sounds troublingly racist, anti-American, and radical to us.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Macon visit draws protests []


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