Matt Drudge Refuses to Report on Boyfriend Mitt's Makeup

Yesterday, the Politico introduced us all to Mitt Romney's $300 makeup consultant. "Hidden Beauty" in West Hill, CA is "a mobile beauty team for hair, makeup and men's grooming and spa services," making it the gayest thing to appear in FEC filings for the last quarter. Back when the Politico did this same deal with John Edwards and his fancy-schmancy haircut, veteran blogger Matt Drudge gave it a big link and five hundred siren gifs and said "DEVELOPING" in Courier New. The Romney story, while basically the exact same, gets no love from Matt. Why? Because Matt has a cruuuuush...

Mitt Romney's communications director is a dude named Matt Rhoades. Rhoades has been a Republican big wheel for a while now, having served with the RNC in '06 and probably done lots of other evil things too. When he took the job with Mitt, he flew down to florida and "bought Drudge a steak," as Republicans say.

Since then, Matt has given big play to hit pieces on McCain (old, has cancer) and Giuliani (loves abortion), but his Mitt coverage is usually limited to glowing excerpts from speeches and pictures of him hugging old people and hanging out with his creepy family.

A Matt Drudge (and Rest of the Media) Double Standard? No! [Attytood]

Romney Spent $300 on Makeup 'Consulting' [Politico]


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