Matt Drudge Very Concerned By 'Urban Chaos' and 'Urban Youth'

Matt Drudge Very Concerned By 'Urban Chaos' and 'Urban Youth'

It turns out that daily catastrophic tornadoes are not the only problem faced by America's cities these days. Traditionally at the bottom of America's socioeconomic system since being brought here in chains at the bottom of slave slips, black people seem to once again be having a very hard time of it during the Great Recession, and that has perhaps led to waves of "street protests" or "flash mobs" or "race riots" or "urban chaos" fromBoston to Long Island to Washington to Charlotte to Miami. Or maybe some kids got drunk and obnoxious in a couple of places, as all kids tend to do. The troubles started over Memorial Day Weekend, which is legally supposed to be about honoring those Americans killed in America's constant overseas wars but also marks the beginning of the summer. And summertime is when the rioting is easy.

There are two approaches being taken by public figures and the media, as far as responses to the alleged Urban Chaos go:

President Barack Obama is keeping quiet, for reasons that are either uncontroversial (a few drunken crowds on a long weekend is not really anything requiring presidential comment), political (he's got an election coming up and may not want to remind white voters about poor city blacks), strategic (he may not want to inflame the mobs), or just cold (he may not really care). Where can we find an objective viewpoint? Maybe from lunatic fringe-right white evangelical Republican Gary Bauer! He probably has an email newsletter or something!

The president of hope and change has turned a blind eye to this urban chaos. I urge President Obama to speak up. He needs to remind urban youth that while other young Americans are risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is unacceptable for thugs here to spread terror in our cities.

Yeah! ("Thugs" are another good term for "urban youth.")

The Drudge Report, meanwhile, has fully embraced the story with a series of huge, fear-mongering headlines that barely even bother with the racist codewords employed by most of the media aimed at conservatives and the white working class.

Here, as collected by Gawker's John Cook, are some of the excitable headlines Drudge posted about the Black Youth doing things that make Matt Drudge nervous:



Violent crime explodes in Myrtle during Black Bike Week; 8-hour hell...

Rib Fest At Rochester beach turns rowdy...

Urban Melee In Charlotte...

Unruly urban crowd shuts down Nashville water park...

"Urban," as used above, means "black youth." And for white people on constant alert because black people might be "up to something," a public gathering of black Americans riding bicycles is indeed an "8-hour hell."

But is there a middle ground between the white media's fearful code words and officialdom's quiet? Probably not!


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