Matt Drudge Will Have To Parent This Child, If No One Else Will

Matt Drudge Will Have To Parent This Child, If No One Else Will

Matt Drudge is such an OCD closet queen with massive Asperger's and autism and stuff. These are the kind of Mutant Powers of obnoxiousness that are required to make money in America these days. But it also results in strange outbursts like this, where he is compelled to tell Malia Obama, via a link to Yahoo! Answers, that she must cover her mouth while yawning or THE GERMS WILL GET EVERYWHERE GAHHH!!!!!!

Like most Yahoo! Answer threads, this one is hilarious, so thank you Matt Drudge for the link, and GET IT TOGETHER MALIA.

Why do people like to yawn with their mouth open in public? isnt this bad manners?

i was brought up to believe it was extremely bad manners to say the least when one yawned or coughed in public with their mouths open. i find that these days with careless abandon, everyone seems to just do it. open theie mouth irrespective of where they are and the odours they emit, they just open their mouths and yawn. what happened to being socially respectful or social etiquette. this is appalling. terribly!

Ha ha, yeah, why don't people keep their mouths closed while yawning? Don't give this person that "involuntary reflex" sass, either! LET'S ASSUME THE PERSON MEANT "COVER THEIR MOUTHS WHILE YAWNING," to be generous.

There are many important pieces of advice in this thread from which Malia Obama can learn some fucking manners. This, especially.

in Islam, a muslim must cover his mouth with his hand while yawning... cuz it's a bad manner.. & the prophet Muhammad PBUH used to do this & says that Allah "God" hates yawnning.

u know it looks funny when someone stands a yawn & let u see untill his stomech also this makes ppl around him feel sleepy.

watch any muslim yawnning. you'll probably find him putting his hands on his mouth to cover it.

Obey your religion, Malia.


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