Matt Gaetz Having Good Day Again Probably

We don't have a lot of time or desire to go back through all the details of the federal underage sex trafficking investigation into GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz. Just remember that his former wingman buddy Joel Greenberg is cooperating a lot, reportedly. And his ex-girlfriend was reportedly granted immunity for her grand jury testimony recently.

And now another one of the sexually irresistible men Gaetz runs around with has pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the feds. Oh, Matt Gaetz. Having a good day? Because we are having a good day, what with Justice Stephen Breyer announcing his retirement. Is Matt Gaetz having a good day?

Joseph Ellicott admitted to two charges outlined in court documents dated Monday: conspiracy to commit wire fraud and distribution of a controlled substance ― the prescription ADHD drug Adderall. Both charges carry a potential maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars and substantial financial penalties.

Oh, Joseph.

Ellicott also agreed to cooperate with federal investigators and to testify against others in the case if needed.

Oh, Joseph!

So apparently Elliott is very close with Joel Greenberg. The Daily Beast describes him as Greenberg's "right-hand man." He used to be a shock jock who went by "Big Joe," because that's a thing pretty cool guys do for jobs. As the Beast explained last May, "texts between Greenberg and Ellicott show an attempt to cover up sex with a minor."


From the Beast last year:

Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg was already under investigation when he had a private exchange with his one-time sports radio co-host, “Big Joe” Ellicott. In that exchange, conducted over the encrypted messaging app Signal and obtained by The Daily Beast, Ellicott expressed fear that others in their group of friends faced legal jeopardy for having sex with a 17-year-old girl.

Ellicott wrote that a mutual friend, a woman who figures prominently in Greenberg‘s Venmo transactions, “knew [the minor] was underage the whole time, had sex with her, and they both went [to] see other guys.”

Ellicott, who is Venmo friends with Gaetz and a number of women in the alleged sex ring, also acknowledged that “for other guys she brought ___ along to see, that could be trafficking,” using a nickname for the former teen.

Must stop copy/pasting, all of these guys are just too classy.

In summary and in conclusion, if you want to brush up on all the news about Matt Gaetz's peen-bean, knock yourself out.

As for us, it's our OPEN THREAD.

[HuffPost / Daily Beast]

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