Matt Lieberman Continues Family Business Of F**king Over Democrats

Republican Senator and Attila the Hun cosplayer Kelly Loeffler is in a tight race for her seat in November. Polls show her effectively tied with that other Trump stooge Rep. Doug Collins and Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock. The top-two finishers in the so-called “jungle primary" will advance to a runoff in January, and it would be great if Loeffler came in third, like the loser she is. Then we could focus our attention on keeping Collins out of the Senate. But it's not that simple. Democrat Matt Lieberman is also running, and he needs to drop out immediately.

It's nothing personal, even though Lieberman is the son of Joe Lieberman, the one-time Democratic senator who denied us a public option and recently endorsed Maine Senator Susan Collins for re-election. We don't like Joe Lieberman in these parts, but he's not his son. If Matt Lieberman were ahead of Warnock, we'd try to find nice things to say about him, but he's not. He's consistently in fourth place now and that risks a nightmare scenario where only Collins and Loeffler make it to the runoff. We'd have no idea who to root against because they are each terrible in their own way.

Democrats have politely suggested that Lieberman drop out and endorse Warnock. The subtle hashtag #DropOut even started trending on Twitter for a while last week. Lieberman responded with adroit nonsense.

That's all bullshit. Recent polls show Collins, Lieberman, Loeffler, and Warnock “virtually tied," and it's far more likely that two Republicans will advance instead of a Republican and a Democrat. According to a Monmouth poll, where Warnock is slightly ahead, every undecided voter could break for Lieberman and he'd still come in fourth. He has no realistic path to victory, which is why every important Democrat has endorsed Warnock. This includes the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, rightful Georgia governor Stacey Abrams, and Barack Obama. Lieberman has responded to all three with a politically savvy “fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you! Who's next?"

Abrams happens to believe the best way to fight voter suppression is if Democrats can win elections. It's gross for Lieberman to claim the woman who had an election stolen from her because of calculated and brazen voter suppression is attempting to oppress the entitled white guy. She's not closing down polling places near Whole Foods. She's just supporting a preferred candidate.

Lieberman is irked that no one likes him, so he complains that Warnock was “hand-picked" by Washington and Atlanta, like the brother's some empty suit “power brokers" picked off the rack. Warnock earned the endorsement because he's a better candidate, one who probably understands that dragging Atlanta isn't how you win over Democratic voters. Lieberman's not going to make up the difference in Dodge County.

He went on to directly link Warnock with Loeffler and Collins as politicians who'd “show up for work on day one already owned by power brokers in DC and Atlanta." Atlanta is majority Black, and we're not the ones with a history of owning people. Lieberman's picking the wrong fight here. Maybe he should just run as an independent like his dad did when Democrats got fed up with him.

Lieberman has already followed in his father's footsteps and dissed Obama.

Stacey Abrams came the closest in decades to winning statewide in Georgia, and that was due to tremendous support from Black voters. Showing nothing but contempt for Abrams, Obama, and Warnock, who's Black, won't help reproduce that coalition. But Lieberman is apparently running on behalf of all “fed-up Georgians" regardless of race. However, angry white guys usually appeal to other angry white guys. Collins and Loeffler have cornered the market on that demo. Most Black voters in Georgia appreciate the hard work Democrats have made turning the state into a bluer shade of purple. It wasn't easy, and my loved ones in Georgia don't appreciate some dude who writes racist fan fiction whining about how "fed-up" he is with government while lacking the humility to do the one thing that might literally help save our democracy: Quit.

Go donate to Raphael Warnock. He could win this.

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