Matt Walsh Scared We Are Secretly Trying To Replace Him, All Other White People

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Matt Walsh Scared We Are Secretly Trying To Replace Him, All Other White People

Many years ago, when we were all so much more innocent, the only people who believed in the "Great Replacement" theory were neo-Nazis — and when you'd tell normal people about this, even normal people who were themselves kind of racist, they would be pretty surprised that it was a thing. Mostly because of how it sounds ridiculous and also is, in fact, ridiculous.

But Matt Walsh doesn't think that only rabid white supremacists should be able to indulge themselves in absurd racist fantasies in which they are the truest victims — he wants tactful, suit-wearing white supremacists to have that opportunity as well. Why limit oneself, really?

In a video this week, Walsh railed against the idea that the theory that everyone is trying to replace white people with people of color is for white supremacists only, and in fact insisted that it was a real thing that was happening. Why? Because Jennifer Rubin — who, you may know, is herself a white person and a conservative — tweeted, in response to an article about how the percentage of white people in the US is dropping, "a more diverse, more inclusive society. this is fabulous news. now we need to prevent minority White rule."

Jennifer Rubin attempting wokeness is not my cup of tea either, as I am suspicious by nature, but it seems pretty clear that she was not literally advocating for "white genocide." Especially since, again, she is a white person.

But Walsh is pretty sure that is exactly what she is doing.

Transcript via Media Matters:

Now, we are told that if you speculate that the powers that be in this culture want to replace white people, we're told this is the great replacement theory and it is a white supremacist conspiracy theory and it's, pretty much, the worse thing you can ever say. If you are to say this, speculate about this, then you are a white supremacist. That's what we're told. You can't talk about replacement. And yet – I'm just trying to work through this in my head here, help me out – so we're bringing in a flood of immigrants across the southern border, non-white. We're putting policies in place with the express purpose of having fewer white people in universities and positions of power. And we're celebrating the reduction in the white population. I mean, it sounds like you want to replace white people. So this is replacement, is it not? And you're happy about it?

Whenever anyone says "you can't talk about this" they rarely mean that no one can talk about it. They just mean that if they talk about it in the way they're talking about it, people will think they are super racist. Which is a very fair conclusion to reach almost any time Matt Walsh's mouth is open and he's not just saying shitty things about women.

We are letting people into America to escape bad conditions in their home countries and chase their dreams here, just as we have (almost) always (sort of) done (depending on one's race and ethnicity). It's not for the purpose of "replacing white people." No white people are being murdered in the process of immigration happening. At all. No one is stopping white people from procreating, either. At least not those who want to be procreating.

As far as universities and positions of power go? No, those can't all be for white people. That's not white genocide, that's sharing. White people are not entitled to have all of the positions of power.

I mean, Jennifer Rubin is celebrating that there's fewer – you could never do this with any other race of people. Can you imagine if there's a report about there are fewer Black people in the country today than there were ten years ago? Can you imagine anyone reacting to that and saying this is fabulous news? Anyone who did that would be seen as a genocidal maniac. And if you were to accuse that person of wanting to replace Black people, everyone would say well yeah that's exactly what he wants to do, clearly. Yet, with white people, you can advocate for replacing them explicitly, but if anyone correctly identifies what you're doing, then they're the racist. It's completely absurd.

Yes. Yes they are. Because it's not a fucking thing. White people are still here. White men, specifically, still retain most of the power in this country, economic and otherwise. Thinking "Oh hey, maybe they should not have all of that power to themselves" is not the same thing as killing them. Which, I would like to remind Matt Walsh, no one is doing.

Now, in fact, I would even give people on the left -- because what I'm saying right now, this is probably going to get clipped by Media Matters, that's my prediction right now. And I hope it is because I want to get this out in front of people on the left. And you say the replacement theory is white supremacist, white nationalist, it's a horrible, horrible thing. Okay. So do you not want to replace white people? Are you saying that you don't want that? You don't want to replace white people in the population with a great portion of non-white people, you don't want to replace white people in universities and positions of power, you're saying you don't want that? Because while you condemn replacement theory as a white supremacist, you know, conspiracy theory, I notice you don't deny it. I mean, you don't come out and say 'oh no, we don't want to do that.' But if you don't, then just – say so. And then we're going to have some follow-up questions about, like, okay then what's going on down here at the border and why do we have these affirmative action policies in place? And why are you popping champagne and throwing confetti when there are reports saying there are fewer white people?

Again, unless one thinks that white people have an intrinsic right to be the majority, to be the only ones with power, to be the only ones at universities, that is not "replacement" that is "making things more fair. If one does think that white people do have that intrinsic right, then they are, in fact, a white supremacist. The only reason you would think they have that intrinsic right is if you believe they are better than other people. Which, again, is pretty much the whole definition of "white supremacist."

Tucker Carlson, who also claims to not be a white supremacist, is also doing his best to bring the Great Replacement nonsense into the conservative mainstream.

Presenting those with the most amount of power as those most in danger of being truly oppressed is a well-worn tactic — the Great Replacement theory in particular. Henry Ford thought Jewish people invented jazz (yep) for the purpose of replacing white people with Black people, and in fact was so upset by this that he went around trying to force everyone to square dance for white supremacy. That is in fact the story of why we had to square dance in gym class.

Oppressors have always seen those they sought to oppress as a threat, this is nothing new. The best way to preserve an unjust hierarchy is by convincing those at the top and in the middle that if those on the bottom get any power, they'll turn around and do some oppressing themselves, if only as an act of revenge.

One caveat though — I would be more than happy to replace Matt Walsh and Tucker Carlson, specifically. Not other people, necessarily, just them. I'd happily replace them with like, a nice set of end tables, bunny rabbits, jars of Folger's Crystals — anything, really. Though something that can't talk would be idea.

[Media Matters]


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