Maybe Baby! National Enquirer: John Edwards Still Putting Penis in, Trying to Impregnate, Rielle Hunter


Primpy shitsack "human" "man" John Edwards, who at one point was actually the progressive choice in the 2008 primaries -- and Christ, we dodgedthat bullet -- is still putting his penis in the vagina of flakey terrible person Rielle Hunter, and according to the Daily Mail's regurgitation of the National Enquirer, is possibly open to the idea of making yet another small human with her/the rest of America vomit out its own eyeballs. From the Daily Mail's cadging of the work of America's No. 1 John Edwards News Source the Enquirer:

Rielle Hunter is reportedly hoping to become pregnant before Edwards' trial in April, after which he could be sentenced to up to 30 years in jail.

The couple has now decided to have another baby as 48-year-old Hunter's [GROSS] 'biological clock is ticking loudly', the National Enquirer reported.

'She's made having another baby a top priority,' a source told the tabloid.


'She's in great physical shape [GROSS], so she's hoping to get pregnant soon - if she isn't already.' [GROSS.]

Edwards and Hunter met in a bar in New York City in 2006, months before he hired her to work on a documentary.

To reiterate: a 48-year-old crazy person is trying to have a baby -- and that shouldn't present any problems -- with the perhaps the world's very smarmiest man, and together they form the world's least popular couple since Dick Cheney dined alone.

Uncle, Internet. We cry uncle. We give.

[Daily Mail]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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