Do it for America, Susan!

Were we not just fawning all over "moderate" and "sane" GOP Senator Susan Collins of Maine, telling her she was the best and the brightest of all the GOP senators? Admittedly that's not a high bar, but GO WITH IT, READERS. She was saying Trump's original Muslim ban was anti-Muslim and probably unconstitutional, and even said she understood why George Soros was paying all those protesters! That was nice. Well let's encourage Senator Collins anew, because here's why:

GET IT, GIRL! Now granted, that says "open to," and not "GOING TO DO RIGHT NOW WITH MY REPUBLICAN LADY VANQUISHING SWORD," which we are sure is a thing all Republican lady senators have. Sounds to us like Mainers need to get on the phone and lovingly encourage their nice senator!

Let's get the scoop from WaPo, on what Senator Collins said to Maine Public Radio:

A Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee says she is open to requesting President Trump’s tax returns as part of the panel’s ongoing investigation into Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 elections. [...]

Collins also added that the committee could ultimately subpoena Trump’s tax returns, after being asked directly about the subject by the program host. Democrats say that Trump’s tax returns would reveal any business dealings he or his companies have in Russia.

“If it’s necessary to get to the answers then I suspect we would,” Collins said, noting that at this point, she had no idea whether such a demand would be necessary.

Call yr Wonkette crazy, but we bet it just might, since all these new revelations are coming out about shady Trump goons making plans for peace between Ukraine and Russia, and oh by the way America lifting sanctions against Russia, and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen either delivering said plans to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn while wearing a teddy and high heels, or maybe he just dropped it off at Flynn's office in a stack of junk mail credit card offers, or maybe he doesn't even know what you're talking about. SAYS WHO?

And we all know Trump is hiding SOMETHING in his taxes, otherwise he would have just given them the fuck up the first time he was asked. Remember how Donald Trump Jr. said way back in 2008 that there was "money pouring in from Russia" into the Trump organization? Yeah, we just have this inkling of a suspicion of a hunch that those tax returns might be an interesting thing for the Senate Intelligence Committee to look at, while they investigate Trump's Russian ties.

And hey, if Trump is hiding something REAL big in there (like maybe if he tried to write off Russian pee hookers as a "bidness expense," HAHAHA WE JOKE), maybe he'll just resign if his tax returns are subpoenaed, thus sparing us the indignity of having a president who's in hock to Russia and maybe compromised by Putin, and so forth. As we explained when Mike Flynn was fired, there are still SO MANY QUESTIONS yet to be answered about exactly what Russia has on the gropey orange thing currently squatting in the Oval Office.

(Did you hear former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, whose name is all over the Steele dossier, and who has known weird ties to Ukraine and Russia, may have been threatened with blackmail by a Ukrainian parliament dude who allegedly said he has proof of collusion between Manafort, pro-Russian goons in Ukraine and Donald J. Trump? It's a crazy new story, and it's in the Politico!)

Senator Collins's timing in mentioning this is particularly good, since over there in the do-nothing House of Representatives, Republicans are planning to shitcan a Democratic resolution that would require Orange Hitler to disclose all his conflicts of interest and ties with Russia.

So, go Susan Collins! It's your birthday and you are FANCY! You go get those Trump tax returns! We are your cheerleader at Wonkette! Unless you wuss out like a common Republican! But that won't happen, because you are THE BEST! Right? Don't you want to be THE BEST?

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[Washington Post]

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Before Manafort pleaded guilty and signed up as a cooperating witness who didn't actually cooperate, we wrote this:

We have always kind of figured that Paul Manafort is the one who knows the whole Trump-Russia conspiracy story. He was the first big fish indicted, and they hit him for A LOT. Also note that just about all the other prosecutions that have come from the Mueller investigation so far have been farmed out by Mueller to different jurisdictions. Manafort, on the other hand, Mueller has kept squarely in his office. There has to be a reason for that.

Perhaps it's because, as this Josh Marshall podcast suggests, Paul Manafort, a foreign agent who worked for Oleg Deripaska, AKA Putin's favorite oligarch, and who got sideways financially with Deripaska, was literally sent into the Trump campaign by the Kremlin to do its dirty work. Perhaps the Steele Dossier is right when it suggests that the entire Trump-Russia election-stealing conspiracy was run by Manafort on the Trump side, and that others like (perhaps!) Michael Cohen only had to take over when Manafort's shit started to stink and the news media started reporting on his weird-ass Russian connections in the summer of 2016.

If it's possible, we are beginning to suspect it may be even worse than that.

On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller issued his sentencing recommendations for Manafort, after DC district court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled conclusively that the shady motherfucker very intentionally lied and blew up his cooperating agreement. Because Manafort defaulted, Mueller is no longer bound to recommend that Manafort's sentence be reduced, and is free to throw the book right at Manafort's face. HARD.

And that is what Mueller did! To be clear, the sentencing memo is harsh.

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