Maybe Joe Wilson Was Just Hopped Up On 'NoDoz' Caffeine Pills


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Yeah yeah yeah, here's Joe Wilson's video where he's like, "I called Obama a nancy on teevee, which was bad, now give me buckets of money." But that's not what this post will be about! Instead, we will study this important headline from The Hill: "Wilson took caffeine pills in 2007." What a girl! In 2007!

Worst ADHD self-medicating plan ever:

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), who shouted "you lie!" at President Obama during his Wednesday night address to Congress, admitted to regularly consuming caffeine pills in 2007.

It is unclear if Wilson still takes NoDoz, a brand of pill that contains 200 milligrams of caffeine a pop. By comparison, a seven ounce cup of drip coffee contains 115 to 175 milligrams of caffeine.

A source told The Hill in 2007 that the congressman ingested the tablets “like candy," but Wilson insisted he was not addicted despite the fact that he had been taking them since high school.

"I love coffee, but I don’t have time to drink it and I don’t have access to it," Wilson said at the time.

How does one find said "coffees?" Must he travel to Colombia to plant & harvest the beans himself? He's Joe Wilson for fuck's sake! He has important legislation to work on.

Still, one must be concerned about Joe Wilson, in 2007. As tipster "Chris" notes, the dark side of caffeine pill addiction-and-denial was once well documented on late-80s/early-90s Saturday morning television.

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"I NEED THEM! I NEED THEM BACK! I HAVE TO SING TONIGHT!!!" -- Rep. Joe Wilson, in Congress, 9/9/09

Stand with Joe at [YouTube]

Wilson took caffeine pills in 2007 [The Hill]


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