Maybe the Christian Vote Was Overrated

bushpup.jpgWe know John Kerry pretended to like duck-hunting, but we can't even remember if he pretended to have a pet or not. Not so with President Bush and his canine clutch-purse, Barney, whose presence was ubiquitous throughout the campaign. And maybe that was the difference in the last election, as this reader's comment from a Howard Kurtz WaPo chat suggests:

Clifton, Va.: The best interview I have ever seen of President Bush and Laura was on Dateline last night when both were talking about White House pets. This short interview revealed more about Bush and his lovely spouse then all other interviews and articles over the past 10 years. As an independent he gets my vote every time. A man and woman who care about there pets that much deserve this countries support.

Partial transcript from the Dateline interview, including same-sex dog-kissing admissions, after the jump.

Roker: "Do you guys ever talk baby talk to the pets?"

Laura Bush: "I do to Beasley a lot."

President Bush: "I will never admit it."

Roker: "Does he talk baby talk?"

Laura Bush: "No, not really."

President Bush: "Well


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