Mayflower Hotel's Room 871 Magically Disappears!

And just like that, prostitution vanishesThe infamous Room 871 in D.C.'s fancy Mayflower Hotel has been expunged from the nation's memory. Where once we might have witnessed the tender love shenanigans of sweet Jersey girl and a space muppet by the name of Eliot Spitzer, we now find just a door without a room number. Who is responsible for this outrage?

Cynics would say "the management," who are probably trying to avoid precisely the sort of snooping former Wonkette editor David Lat perpetrated the other night. Either that or common vandals who have no respect for the sanctity of sordid illegal sex trysts between governors and their paid companions. But if people as well as nameplates start getting magically sucked into the sky, we will know it's those goddamn aliens from the Julianne Moore movie we never saw.

Photo courtesy of Above the Law.

ATL Field Trip: Room 871 of the Mayflower Hotel [Above the Law]


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