Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, and Other Thuggish Concerns Regarding China, Google, Goldman Sachs & Charlie Crist


  • 'Where's Mine?'Terrifying Chicago thug and life-savingsuperheroRahm Emanuel made it official last night: If Richard Daley doesn't run again, Rahm wants to be Mayor of Chicago. "That's always been an aspiration of mine," Rahm told Charlie Rose during a secret televised conversation, "even when I was in the House of Representatives." Now who will Eric Massa fantasize about in the shower? [Chicago Tribune]
  • Clever Internet terrorists in China got access to a vast supply of secret Google information by getting a single Google employee to click a link in Microsoft Messenger. Do Google employees know about Gchat? Also, is this why everybody's Gmail is getting hacked? [New York Times/The Awl]
  • How bad is Goldman Sachs? Super-duper poopy bad, very gross, lousy and not good. That is one verdict, from financial journalists. [Daily Finance]
  • Looks like poor old Palm Beach bachelor (who is now married!) Charlie Crist will have to run as an Independent against *his own party* because he's not wingnut-teabag enough for the GOP fringe in Florida, even though he's a popular governor. So let's all support Charlie Crist, against the Republican idiots! [NYT]

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