McCain Begging Money From Goldman Sachs Employees

McCain Begging Money From Goldman Sachs Employees

Well, this is ludicrous: John McCain is sending pre-paid FedEx envelopes to Goldman Sachs' employees -- the few who are left, anyway -- demanding $5,000 checks. Oh, Walnuts, you're doing it wrong. Let us investigate this absurdity.

Somebody at Goldman Sachs sent this note to the PhilFiles blog:

This is amazing. McCain sent me an URGENT package at my work address (?) today, begging for money. The package included a pitch (attached for your reference) to his 'dear friend' for $$$, and a PRE-PAID Fed-Ex envelope with which to deliver the $$$. You might note that the third paragraph asks for a donation of $5,000. I thought the individual limit was $2,300...

I'm considering what I should send in my pre-paid envelope -- any suggestions?

Hmm, how much does a shit sandwich weigh? That might be something good to ship back to McCain HQ.

There are probably piles of these pre-paid FedEx mailers sitting outside the abandoned headquarters of Lehman Bros., too. Why not pick up a few and send McCain your "donation"?

McCain Peddling at the Soup Lines [philfiles]


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