McCain Campaign Bravely Attacks America's Love of Famous People


John McCain has squeezed every possible bit of fame and wealth from his heroic plane crash 40 years ago, so he's super angry about how Barack Obama is also a political celebrity who has also written best-sellers and became famous for something that happened 40 years ago (His birth). This is why the McCain campaign has boldly made a shitty commercial with pictures of Britney Spears from back when Bob Dole was doing Viagra ads with the forgotten teen starlet. Being popular is scary!

BONUS FAIL: Jake Tapper mocks the McCain campaign today for whining like a used-up Disney Channel trollop -- Britney Spears, specifically -- and on that very day, McCain's campaign puts out a commercial that actually features Britney Spears from like eight years ago, when both she and McCain were briefly popular.

Not to be all consultanty, but wouldn't McCain be doing a little better if his entire campaign wasn't a grumpy, half-assed reaction to Obama's campaign, which hardly notices there's an opponent?

McCain commercial: "Celeb" [YouTube]


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