McCain Campaign Bravely Attacks America's Love of Famous People


[youtube expand=1]

John McCain has squeezed every possible bit of fame and wealth from his heroic plane crash 40 years ago, so he's super angry about how Barack Obama is also a political celebrity who has also written best-sellers and became famous for something that happened 40 years ago (His birth). This is why the McCain campaign has boldly made a shitty commercial with pictures of Britney Spears from back when Bob Dole was doing Viagra ads with the forgotten teen starlet. Being popular is scary!

BONUS FAIL: Jake Tapper mocks the McCain campaign today for whining like a used-up Disney Channel trollop -- Britney Spears, specifically -- and on that very day, McCain's campaign puts out a commercial that actually features Britney Spears from like eight years ago, when both she and McCain were briefly popular.

Not to be all consultanty, but wouldn't McCain be doing a little better if his entire campaign wasn't a grumpy, half-assed reaction to Obama's campaign, which hardly notices there's an opponent?

McCain commercial: "Celeb" [YouTube]


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