McCain Campaign Gives Up, Will Accept Welfare

Dumpster divin' hobo.Liberals like John McCain have spent their lives spending your money in Washington, so it's no surprise that McCain's campaign has given up its pathetic fund-raising attempts and will now go on the Election 2008 dole. Today, the McCain camp admitted it will "accept taxpayer money to finance his general election and share other costs with the Republican National Committee," the Politico reports. And guess what kind of no-money-having people Americans hate more than anything?

In this country, if you don't have any money, you're a loser. If you don't have any money and you then go begging to the government for "federal assistance," you are the worst kind of welfare loser. That is what John McCain is, now: a welfare-taking no-money-having loser. Ha, talk about your "Republicans In Name Only."

The problem is simple enough that even John "What is this economy you speak of?" McCain can understand it. Barack Obama has so far raised $236 million dollars to win the White House, has zero debt and has $51 million in the bank, today.

Hillary Clinton has raised $196 million.

McCain has raised a dismal $72 million and has only $11.5 million in cash.

Obama raised $43 million in March alone. McCain managed to collect $15 million.

So the GOP nominee for president will take "public funding" from the government. He will get food stamps to exchange for a few TV spots, and will have to trade in the "Straight Talk Express" for one of the famous Welfare Cadillacs invented by his make-believe grandfather, Ronald Reagan.

McCain exits campaign money race [Politico]


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