McCain Now Feuding With JOE THE PLUMBER


Joe the Plunger!Could they just be competent for maybe one hour of a single day? First, we laughed as McCain called out in vain for his savior of the week, the utterly random showboating jackass "plumber" in Ohio, then we learned this Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher eventually showed up at a later rally and refused to endorse McCain, and now CNN is reporting that this bald-headed rat-eyed fame-crazed serial liar is publicly feuding with the McCain campaign, using the usual McCain campaign system of internal disputes: Blabbing to the press.

From CNN's Political Ticker, posted before the guy finally showed up at the second rally:

But reached at his home by CNN's Mary Snow, Wurzelbacher said it was "news to him" that he was supposed to be at the McCain rally. Wurzelbacher said nobody from the McCain campaign confirmed he was attending the event and called the incident a "miscommunication."

Wurzelbacher also said he is headed to Philadelphia for a charity event unrelated to the campaign and has no plans to meet up with McCain today.

UPDATE: Contacted by CNN a second time, Wurzelbacher said the campaign only called him to confirm after the event in question already took place. He will now try to meet up with McCain later in the day.

Wurzelbacher also said he had gotten an initial call about coming to the morning rally, "but no one called back to confirm," and was "not happy" that McCain had called out his name and he wasn't there.

Let this sink in for a moment. While it's true that the McCain-Palin campaign is literally about a different thing every few hours, the "Joe the Plumber" obsession has been somewhat regular since the last debate. The McCain campaign website, once a grim Darth Vader-esque testimonial to McCain's seriousness of purpose and long service in the military and Senate, has been turned into some cheap amateur porn YouTube collection of fat idiots also glory-whoring for a moment in the spotlight. It's shameful.

And now, the actual "Joe the Plumber" himself is at war with the McCain campaign. He's got his own event schedule, and will be appearing at some charity event in Philly "unrelated to the campaign." He is probably campaigning for John Murtha.

Joe the Plumber is "going rogue."

Joe the No Show [CNN]


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