McCain Campaign Very Creatively Plays Gender Card

Today in theexciting world of horse race politics: Obama lawyer tries to sneak into McCain lawyer conference call, gets rejected, is called sexist -- and obvious political motives glue each development together! Jesus, this must be "Friday Night At The Movies" for Mark Halperin 'n' pals.

Barack Obama is still dealing with criticism for breaking his "pledge" to accept public financing in the general election. And of course that's fair. It was a moronic "pledge," or at least very strong statement, to make in the first place, and the reasons he's offered for choosing private financing -- principally that conservative 527s will raise trillions to Swift Boat him, when in reality they have little desire to fight for Liberal John McCain -- are, well, "flimsy." But hellllllllls yeah it was the right choice to make! He'll now raise $300 million and run in every state, and within three days no one will care about him "breaking his word" except Robert Novak, Lanny Davis, and possibly John McCain.

But Obama must shut them up as much as he can, so his campaign asked McCain's campaign if its counsel, Bob Bauer, could participate in a conference call with McCain's counsel, Trevor Potter, to at least pretend that the two camps have been negotiating re: finance.


Not only did the McCain campaign reject the request, but it called on lady communications director Jill Hazelbaker to denounce them all as Sexist:

"This type of boys club bullying embodies an arrogance better suited for a frat house than a serious campaign about serious issues," she says.

There is too much irony in that sentence to break down, and it's Friday afternoon. Now we will watch old YouTubes of Republican primary debates and eat our way through mourning the Death of Fun.

Obama camp tries to get in on McCain finance conference call [Jonathan Martin]


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