McCain Concedes, With Dignity, This Is Awkward

McCain Concedes, With Dignity, This Is Awkward

Ugh, must we do this, too? Yes, we will watch John McCain, who is looking down with disgust at his supporters, who are booing and hissing. It is no fun to lose a contest. But good god, his supporters are garbage. McCain looks like he's going to cry. What a bunch of trash. Good god, they're a mob. A mob. They never even liked him, and only really came around when he stupidly hired a moron to fill out the ticket. He won't mention Palin!

11:25 PM -- Oh, finally he mentions her, the grinning jackass, and the crowd goes MAD.

11:25 PM -- The wingnuts are writing McCain's obit right now.

11:26 PM -- They will gather 'round this stupid fool, Sarah Palin, who shouldn't be allowed to night-manage a Circle K.

11:27 PM -- But old Walnuts tries to go out with class. He knows he made his mistakes.

11:27 PM -- More angry boos.

11:27 PM -- Because he mentioned Obama and Biden in a nice way.

11:27 PM -- Boos, chants, USA USA USA, angry shouts.

11:27 PM -- 333-155, that's the CNN ticker now.

11:28 PM -- He doesn't allow Palin to speak. He hates her stupid guts.

11:29 PM -- Off they go, to tragic Star Wars Darth Vader death music. What is this?


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