McCain Describes Obama's Energy Policy In Three Simple Words, All Of Them "Blah"


  • McCain, addressing Queen Frostine and Lord Licorice in the chocolate village of Hershey, PA, described Obama's energy policy as: "blah blah blah, all this." [The Caucus]
  • Say goodbye to your Christian Science Monitor, it is relocating permanently and exclusively to the Internet, which is a sunny suburb of Phoenix. [Marc Ambinder]
  • And so begins the Great Ohioan Civil War between two van-driving teens and the McCain supporter who shot them with a rifle, to protect the partisan lawn accoutrement he figured they were sabotaging. [Ben Smith]
  • Just three weeks ago Colin Powell could not stop from going on about his first husband Ted Stevens. And then Ted Stevens turned out to be this liar who was just not the man Powell married. And then, then, America is supposed to trust anything Powell scrawled about Obama in colored pencil in his pink moleskine? [RedState]
  • A McCain adviser called Palin a "whack job," which is a filthy sexual act not performed since Valentine's Day 1968, when Obama and Ayers put on some Van Morrison and dropped acid in a cave in Kandahar. [AMERICAblog]

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