McCain Economic 'Surge' Would Add Thousands Of Troops To Aid War On Economy


A leaked McCain campaign memo outlines the Republican candidate's bold plan for the American economy. It goes something like this: WAR WAR WAR WAR TAXCUTS WAR. Applying some valuable lessons from our adventure in Iraq, the McCain economic "surge" will ferret out the last weakened remnants of the American economy and wage a bitter street-by-street countereconomic strategy until, in the end, we will be able to hand over stewardship of a penniless nation to our grateful children and grandchildren.

OK for reals here are the three "big ideas" behind the McCain strategy, according to McCain communications adviser Taylor Griffin:

1. McCain understands the economic problems of ordinary Americans. Barack Obama does not.

2. McCain understands that the situation is urgent.

3. McCain’s “Jobs for America” plan is superior.

Hmm, seems like two of the prongs on the three-pronged strategy involve John McCain "understanding" things. Is America ready for such fearless leadership?

McCain document outlines economic strategy [Jonathan Martin]


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