McCain adviser andKrugman-obsessed NRO blogger Donald Luskin has one of his unintentionally hilarious "all economic statistics are a liberal conspiracy by the liberals" things in Sunday's Washington Post, in which he gives the Obama campaign another Phil Gramm-style gift. "Things today just aren't that bad," he writes. And then he proudly quotes the Gramm "mental recession" bit! Is David Plouffe paying this guy?

McCain campaign adviser and former U.S. senator Phil Gramm was right in July when he said that our current state "is a mental recession." Maybe he was out of line when he added that the United States has become "a nation of whiners." But when it comes to the economy, we have surely become a nation of exaggerators.

It is hilarious to watch the breaking news ticker over this column, with headlines like "Meltdown shakes up Wall Street's workers" and "Paulson says prepared to act to ensure stability."

Quit Doling Out That Bad-Economy Line [Washington Post]


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