McCain Fundraiser Tour Fails Its Way Through Mormon World Capital

Ever since John McCain pissed all over Mitt Romney in a debate, and even before then, Mormons haven't taken kindly to the foul-mouthed, unhandsome, twice-married atheist grumpus. So it's no surprise that McCain might get a lukewarm reception at a couple of Utah fundraisers -- even when they feature big draws like George Bush and Mitt Romney. Hilarious details about McCain's Epic Utah Fail, after the jump.

There will be TWO magical fundraising events today in the Salt Lake City area, both attended by our current president. One will be held in the afternoon and one will be held in the evening... and the afternoon event, with only George W. Bush and John McCain to recommend it, has encountered a distinct lack of interest:

Two Republican sources familiar with the event said that response to the afternoon fundraiser had been lackluster, prompting the campaign to move the event to the private residence.

Tickets were still available Tuesday afternoon.

However, Mitt Romney's evening fundraiser will do just fine, as everyone in Utah still loves Mitt. It costs $70,000 per couple to attend.

Bush to stump for McCain in Utah [Salt Lake Tribune]


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