After demonstrating her ability to flub an interview with literally anyone, including third graders, Sarah Palin made sure she had some backup in her talk with NBC's Brian Williams. She took along her running mate, John McCain! But still, when Williams asked her, "What, in your mind, is a 'precondition'?" as it pertained to meeting with dictators, she went all woogly about those who would seek to destroy America, blah blah blah. In other words, SHOCKER, she does not know what a precondition is.

Chris Matthews asks the very good question of what about that clip is newsworthy, given that Sarah Palin has done this exact thing on camera a million times already, and Brian Williams just sort of shrugs and goes, "Enh, we thought it was funny."

Toward the end of this interminable 8-minute segment there's the bit where Chuck Todd tattles on the McCain campaign and says that nobody likes or trusts anybody anymore, and he speculates that John McCain may be beginning to blame Sarah Palin for losing this election. That strikes us as exactly right: John McCain is precisely the sort of self-pitying, righteously aggrieved nutsack who would blame some harmless twit who he alone was responsible for elevating to the national stage for her subsequent, entirely predictable implosion. What a turd.

Also: Does Chuck Todd's facial hair look more lush these days? Is he taking prenatal vitamins?

Chuck Todd On McCain-Palin: No Chemistry, No Trust, Possibly No Chance [Huffington Post]


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