McCain-Palin Wingnuts Mourn Obama's Granny

McCain-Palin Wingnuts Mourn Obama's Granny

At least America's fringe-right conservatives will show a bit of those family values we hear so much about when, say, the Democratic presidential nominee'sailing grandmother dies, at age 87, right? Right? Oh, sorry, what were we thinking. Happy black president's day eve, wingnuts.

From, obviously, the Free Republic website:

  • They should do an ice test to see how long she’s been in the freezer.
  • Better pull her absentee ‘cuz she was dead on Election Day.
  • I think that “event” took place 2 weeks ago. Otherwise it would have made great political news for these last 48 hours to talk about Obama’s grandma and take the focus off of his exposed coal comments.
  • Seriously, has anyone actually seen this woman in recent years? If Obama has some of his thugs guarding her (and if there is, indeed, a body) I hope they do an autopsy to make sure Granny’s passing was a natural event.
  • So Barry goes and see’s granny. Granny dies day before election. She is probably one know who really knows where he was born. Well as the church lady used to say.”isn’t that special”
  • have you people been having problems with computer viruses? This is unbelievable...
  • This is what I think happened. He told them to pull the plug on her. Now if you bring up the bankrupting the coal industry, it will seem insensitive and cruel. I am sorry but this man is just plain evil. I know his grandmother raised him, but her success as a parent is questionable. BO’s mother was a moonbat and ol Granny was a leftist hack. That being said, I pray for her soul.
  • She was swindled into raising someone else’s child. I do not believe that hussein is half white.
  • My thoughts exactly pinkbell. There are probably a million people in the world that died at the same time. All these threads about it here seem a bit much. Call me what you will, but this is about as important as a dump I took a week ago.
  • Is he going to tax her now that she’s dead?
  • She was also a communist sympathizer along with her husband, a long and proud tradition of socialists. Oh, and good friends with Frank Marshall Davis, a signed up Communist, who they introduced little Barry to. One hell of a woman, yup.
  • Murdered? It’s not murder when it’s for the chosen one. The dems will blame it on lack of universal health care and get a double bang for the buck. Obama will forgive her racism and find another family member to use and throw under the bus.

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