McCain Simultaneously Lobbies For Big Oil, Big Dermatology


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Oh, here's John McCain in his yard, in Arizona, where he is personally pumping six gallons of crude per day to end our Dangerous Dependence on Arabs and Venezuelans. But it's hard work, out in the sun, which is why McCain also spent the day shilling for one of his other corporate interests, Big Dermatology.

As we've breathlessly reported all day, McCain had some more (potential) cancer carved off his head today, and so he wanted to take this opportunity to tell the 47 million Americans without any health insurance that they should quickly make an appointment with their dermatologist to make sure they don't have the skin cancer.

Cindy then climbed out of the oil well (she dropped some pills) and told uninsured Americans that if they had trouble finding a local dermatologist, they should just fly their private jet to Arizona, where Big Dermatology is well represented.

AP News [YouTube]


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