McCain Won't Get Sarah Palin For Veep, Either -- She's Pregnant!

So fine.Beloved Alaskan Governor and hot maverick Sarah Palin is seven months pregnant with her fifth kid! She just announced the happy news, and now John McCain's latest hope for a popular female maverick Republican governor on the GOP ticket is gone forever. People will really do just about anything to avoid being John McCain's lady vice presidential candidate who will lose with him in November.

Way back in 2006, Wonkette gave Palin our coveted "America's Hottest Governor" title, which has since been picked up by Alaska's media people, who apparently aren't bothered by our sexist objectifying or whatever it's called. After all, these are people who eat Moose Burger all the time! They probably drive Subaru Outbacks, too.

Anyway, congratulations Governor Palin! Maybe you can run for president next time around, in 2012 or 2016, when the Republicans might actually have a shot in hell of winning. And you're only 42 years old right now, which is like a third as old as John McCain.

(Also: How did nobody in the Alaskan Press Corps notice that she's seven months pregnant? If we were paid to look at Sarah Palin all the time ....)

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Is Preggers [Alaska Report]


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