Meghan McCain is having one of her good moments it seems, and she's having it during a week of never ending dumpster fires and hellscapes. While it's definitely been a week of nonsense and bullshit, it has also been a week that has shown us that there are limits to the amount of ignorance that even some Republicans can take. Generally, when discussing McCain, our time is spent pointing out the many bad takes and attitude malfunctions for which she is known. So imagine our surprise when our eyes spied the "Ice Queen" herself smacking down her fellow Republicans; two GOP in particular, who are the biggest assholes that have ever graced a Fox New set. Now, why would McCain bother to tell Bill O'Reilly to "go fuck himself" while using words that were completely different from those we used here? And why did she tell Katrina Pierson how dangerously stupid she is in the meanest way allowable on social media?

Meghan McCain "Broke Bad" because Katrina is stupid, and also because Billo decided to cross the line that must never be crossed. Bill appeared to ENJOY the idea that Our Wonderful Justice, The Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, had cancer in her lungs. Oh, wait. He also seemed to maybe be hoping for her death. (I am angry again from typing that.)

Yeah. I still hate him with the heat of a thousand stars. I hated him for years before he left Fox News in disgrace, but when you add this into the mix? The heat from my hate could birth a new Universe. Meghan decided it was time to tell Billo to go find Jesus and PRAY for RBG's speedy recovery. Because it's his Christian duty.

You know what the Bible says, "A Christian is as a Christian does with a falafel." (Get it?)

Katrina's problem is that she's so stupid she causes people to snap on her with as much fire as possible, in order to burn her stupid away, thereby saving themselves from becoming infected with it.

She earned her metaphorical slap box upside the head and got a well deserved Twitter dragging because of two well known facts.

  1. Katrina Pierson is very very stupid.
  2. John McCain is dead.

Those two important facts were the downfall of this very stupid womanwho doesn't own spacebars or enter keys on her computing devices. And this time "facts", whatever they are, were all the weapon McCain needed to get her shot at making Katrina SHUT UP.

From The Wrap:

The late John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, called Katrina Pierson "one of the dumbest people ever to work for Trump" after Pierson appeared to call on the late senator to answer questions — without taking note of his death earlier this year.

Good thing breathing is automatic, or we might not have President Fox News and his TV peeps like Katrina around to make fun of for very long.

Deleted Tweet- Katrina PiersonScreenshot from The Wrap

The explanation seems to make sense until you realize that it doesn't make very much sense, because he cannot answer her questions no matter how many times she asks.

The last sentence was the headline of an old post from when McCain was still alive, but because it ran together with the previous sentences, it appeared that Pierson was unaware of McCain's passing.

Maybe there is a solution to tweeting shit that makes you look so very very dumb, Pierson: stop tweeting altogether. Because space bars and enter keys are required, you've obviously not managed to master using them, and Dead Senators don't give a fuck about your questions. Leave John McCain alone, please, there is no point bringing him up. Just look cute and support Trump, honey. Be quiet.

Listen to Meghan McCain.

"You're exponentially more stupid than I've ever given you credit for — and I've always considered you one of the dumbest people ever to work for Trump, which is quite the fete [sic]. Delete your account," McCain tweeted Friday morning.

Yes, please go collect your life.

[TheWrap/The Hill]

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